Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hello, my little gingersnaps... I've got BIG NEWS to share with you!  You may be familiar with Jamie Grumet, one of my best friends, who two years ago was on the cover of Time Magazine.

At the time, she and I were co-authoring a blog called, "Mommy Hates Chemicals (But Ginger Doesn't)" where we reviewed Natural Products in a Hannity/Colmes type format. I'm the one who doesn't mind chemicals. I eat chemicals for breakfast! Okay not really. Maybe.

Anywho... as Jamie was interviewed by numerous morning shows, talk shows, magazines, etc., our little co-blog went on the back burner, (which was perfect for me at the time due to personal issues) yet Jamie's blog "I Am Not The Babysitter" took off as Jamie used her publicity to discuss topics that she cares about. (breastfeeding, attachment parenting, clean water for developing countries, etc.)  She also took several trips to Ethiopia and South Africa, bringing water filters to provide clean water for villages that previously did not have access to it.  And in case you're wondering, her younger son pictured above (who was 3 years old at the time) weaned himself two months after the Time Magazine Cover went live.  So after all of this, her website has grown to where it now gets millions of hits/day.

Why am I talking about Jamie?  WELL... Jamie has just added me to her website staff as an Entertainment Writer! She also added a hilarious daddy blogger, a science expert and another mommy blogger to her staff.  Together the 5 of us are now transforming this site to gain more mainstream readers.  So what am I doing over there?  Well, as the only non-crunchy/granola member of staff, it will be MY job to review the Natural Products. I'm also the only staff member that reads obsessively, solely for entertainment purposes, so I'll be able to promote authors and do giveaways over there as well as representing the site at book signings. Every post I write will be topped with this banner:

In fact, I just published my first post there, writing about the Authors Under The Lights book signing event and all the male cover models I measured this past Saturday in Los Angeles. Even my male readers will find this a fun read, and if anything, you'll get to find out why a number of people are now calling me, "Purple Tits".

CLICK HERE to read all about my shenanigans as I measured cover models' random body parts. If you don't read, that's okay. I've included pictures too.

HOWEVER... to all of you who started reading this blog because you enjoyed my daily entertainment posts, I've got big news for you... 

While I won't be able to return to the daily schedule of entertainment blogging like I used to, I WILL be doing a Weekly Entertainment Review every SATURDAY, in the same format I used to do here, starting THIS SATURDAY.  That's right... I'll have your entertainment news, your weird news, your WTF pictures and a Fact of the week, but I'll be doing it at I Am Not The Babysitter.

Now I'm counting on you all to head over there on Saturdays. PLEASE leave me a comment on the actual blog post, as I am new to the current readers of the blog. Not everyone "gets" my brand of weirdness, case in point: I once posted the link to one of my daily entertainment posts in a new group and someone commented, "I don't understand what Dora the Explorer has to do with Patrick Swayze." (they were two separate segments on my post)  So those of you who DO get my brand of weirdness, please help a gal out and leave a comment this Saturday when my first Entertainment Post goes live.


NOW...  there's this teeny tiny thing I had here in the form of a giveaway and I never announced winners.  This giveaway was posted Tuesday, March 10th and I was SUPPOSED to announce the winners the following Monday. *hangs head in shame*  Much of the delay had to do with preparing for the Book Signing, Beta Reading for an author, and joining the Staff on Jamie's Website.  I know, excuses... excuses... Now I'm normally a woman of my word and I've NEVER left readers hanging like this before.  So this is what's going to happen... there were supposed to be three winners of this giveaway.  The winner of the signed set of paperbacks and two additional winners would win an e-copy of the first book, Tattooed Dots.  But here's what's going to happen instead... I will let decide who gets the signed paperbacks and then EVERYONE who entered this review will get a copy of the e-book of Tattooed Dots.  How does that sound? EVERYONE is a winner!!!

The winner of the signed paperbacks Tattooed Dots and The One by Amazon best-selling author Kimberly Knight is...


Congratulations Angie! Please email me (email button located on the sidebar) and give me your mailing list so I can send these off to you!

Now for the rest of you who entered, EVERYONE gets an e-copy version of Tattooed Dots from me! Please email me and tell me what kind of e-reader you have (whether you need the e-book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, etc.) and I'll get that off to you.  

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway and don't forget to read MY POST about the book signing this past Saturday in Los Angeles, and head over to I Am Not The Babysitter for my Weekly Entertainment Recap post this Saturday! (and every Saturday after that)

Also, please "like" the new I Am Not The Babysitter Facebook page, where myself and the other staff will post a variety of articles, pictures, etc throughout the day.

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