Monday, June 10, 2013

More Than Purple

(This was initially intended for my "ilovepurplemorethanyou" blog but it is having some technical difficulties)

Recently it was time to repaint our purple house.  If you want to know how our house became purple you can read about it here.

We've had the same painter for over 10 years.  He's the one who painted it purple in the first place.  He's from Korea and is a 5th degree black belt in Tai Kwan Do and a 3rd degree black belt in Hap Ki Do.  When he arrived in America over 30 years ago, he joined the U.S. Olympic Team and became an Olympic Champion.  Why is he now a painter?  Because he was the first born son and in his culture, he was given the option of joining his father's painting company or being disowned by the family.  His younger brother started his own Martial Arts school and our Jason helps out with it, as well as participates as a judge during competitions.

Since our kids are Kung Fu trained, and our oldest son Haven is almost a black belt, it was indeed an honor for Haven to spar with Jason, our painter in our home dojo.

With the house, we decided to do a couple of things different this time.  We chose a purple that was one shade lighter for the stucco than the previous color, for more contrast between the stucco and trim. 

Also, for a few years I've been saying to Marshall... "If only we could find a way to add glitter to the stucco."  Marshall would roll his eyes, but when it was time to repaint the house I brought it up again.  He said, "No way!" and then compromised and said I could have a purple glittery front door.  My response, "We can't have a purple glittery front door! Our front door has to be white, like the windows, for contrast against the purple!!!"  

I dropped the subject.  A few days later he said to me, "Okay, if Jason can do it, you can add glitter to the stucco."  WOO HOO!!!!

So Jason came over to get the new color swatch for the stucco and to discuss repainting the house.  I told him I wanted to add glitter to the stucco.  He had to pull out his smart phone and find out from his Korean-English app what "glitter" was.  Guess in the 30 years he's been here, he's never had to learn the word "glitter".  As soon as he learned what it was, he looked up at me like I was joking.  He said, "I've never done that before."  And I placed my hand on his shoulder and said, "Just think Jason, after this project, you'll be a master at it."  And he said, "I'm not sure I want to be a master at it."  Jason knows I'm a little crazy.  He's been painting for us for over 10 years.  

I told Jason I wanted clear, iridescent glitter added to the stucco.  Then Jason did a series of patches, with various techniques, etc. before finding the best way to add it.  The winning technique?  When adding the second coat of paint on the stucco, he would blow the glitter on the wet paint with an airbrush machine.  He used eye protection but apparently one piece of glitter still got in his eye during the project and he had to go to the eye doctor.  But he didn't complain.  And he got into it by the end, even adding glitter to the three triangles above the garage window, and he put twice the glitter in the entryway so it would sparkle extra.  He repainted the cement floor of our patio (dark purple) and added two kinds of glitter to it.  

And guess what? Our whole family loves it.  Even Marshall!  I've had 3 different neighbors walk over to our house and tell us how much they like the glitter, and they were all men!  Our Harley riding, Hummer driving 6'4 next door neighbor said he thought it was the best house paint job he'd ever seen.  (and went in to say how pretty it was at various times of the day)  It really does sparkle like diamonds.  I love it.  So the finished result???  Here is our house with the new paint job.

Oh, can't see the glitter?  Well you need video for that.  Here's my reaction to seeing the entry way glitter for the first time, before they were finished with the house.

I don't know why my husband lets me do crazy things like this, but I think there's nothing wrong with adding a little more "fun" into your life.  And for us, that means having a purple sparkly house.  Yeah, I'm a little quirky.  But I always have a smile on my face when I back out of my driveway or pull into my driveway and see my purple, sparkly house.



  1. You know, I love your wild style, but more I love that you have the confidence to go for it.

  2. I LOVE your purple, sparkly house! I want one!

  3. I love purple so I love your purple house :)

  4. You're back!! I've missed your posts. How's stuff? And a glittery house? LOVE it. We live in a HOA, so it's a no-go, but I love the idea of it. -Ejmdiva