Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still On Hiatus

I just wanted to acknowledge that my mental health "week" has turned into over a month. To give you a little info, our first attempt at meds had some negative results and my child's behavior has significantly gotten worse. We're talking extreme self-harm, sneaking out at night to consume harmful substances while we sleep, etc. Needless to say the stress level we're dealing with is through the roof. Today we bought locks for the pantry and an alarm for her bedroom door and we hope that can help with the sneaking out.

I am so grateful for all of you who are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for my posts to return, but understanding that I'm just not in a place where I can find the "funny" in things. Not to mention that having a 6 and 1/2 year old that needs constant supervision is taxing.

None of these behaviors are her fault. They are all OCD-Trauma related and she feels horrible afterwards. She's not a demon child. She wants to make us proud, but at the moment she has no control over her compulsive behaviors. Her behavior is the hardest challenge I've ever faced to date.

If you're the praying sort, we sure could use some.

Thank you. I plan to blog soon about it in detail on my other blog. (ilovepurplemorethanyou) if you're interested.



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  1. We'll be here when you're able to come back. We might be suffering some withdrawal symptoms, but we'll be fine...for the most part :)
    In the meantime, know that our thoughts and prayers are with y'all as you work through this!