Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What A Whizz

Whizzing Wednesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Have you ever taken a VIP tour of a zoo, where they let you go behind the enclosures of the animals and show you what they are fed, etc? This is the area where they disappear to during feeding time and are separated from the employees by bars. In the lion enclosure, they had a huge shower curtain between the lion cage and the employees' desk as well as a taped line on the floor you were supposed to stand behind. Otherwise you risked getting sprayed. And male cats like to spray. Even at the front of the lion enclosure where the public are visiting, they inform you that if you stand within 20 feet of the enclosure, you are in a potential "spray zone". Kind of like the front rows at Sea World but less fun.

Anywho, in Kazakhstan, the wealthy patrons occupying the expensive VIP seats at the circus were treated to a special anointing by one of the male tigers. The tiger was sitting on top of a stand when the trainer cracked his whip, signaling whatever trick the tiger was supposed to do. Instead, the tiger lifted his back leg, launching a jet of urine over 2 meters, hitting the VIP box and all the people occupying the expensive seats. A British Blogger, who had been "anointed" before in 2009 described the odor as, "very savory, like yeast and salt and an added mix of strong herbs simmering in rotten meat broth." Uh, WTF?! I'm a blogger and I would've described it as, "Nasty @ss smell that was hard to wash off." Then again, I'm an American and not quite as civilized at British bloggers.

Tiger Pees On Wealthy Patrons During Circus Performance In Kazakhstan

Huffington Post | By

Circus Tiger Pees
A tiger named Kesha left its mark on the patrons of a circus in Kazakhstan when he urinated over a group of V.I.P.s.

Tigers are known for their ferocious teeth, loud roars, and great strength, but for those who see them in captivity, their most threatening feature may be their propensity to squirt urine over long distances -- at people.

That's what happened during a recent performance by the Nikulin Moscow Circus in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan -- and the pee went straight towards the folks in the best seats, according to The New York Daily News.

The "pee-formance" happened during a performance by animal trainers Karina and Arthur Bagdasarov. At one point, the male tiger, Kesha, was supposed to perform a trick, but preferred to lift his hind leg and whiz on the V.I.P.s in the best seats, Novosti-Kazakhstan reported.

An eyewitness at the "pee-culiar" performance described it this way to “The jet launched over two meters and hit the VIP box. The tiger was sitting atop a stand when the tamer cracked his whip. But instead of performing the act, the tiger lifted his leg and targeted the people occupying the expensive seats."

Paying big money to have tiger urine in your pink lemonade would piss most people off, but sources told Pravda that the victims of this attack merely laughed it off, wiped their clothes and continued watching the show.

That's a true sign of bravery because tiger urine is not the best smelling liquid, according to British blogger Karen Storms, who suffered through a similar indignity while attending a circus in 2009. She describes the odor of tiger pee "very savory, like yeast and salt and an added mix of strong herbs simmering in rotten meat broth."

Source: HuffingtonPost

In movie news, Summit has released 23 extremely photoshopped poster images of Breaking Bad Dawn Part Duh. In fact, they are so photoshopped, I'm not entirely sure the actors were even present for the photo shoot.

I'm not showing them all here, just the ones I have something to say about. And it looks like we only get a partial poster of Edward, which showcases his chin. Hey, Edward, how're ya doing? Nice chin.

Well it seems like they finally got Alice's hair style right in the final film, but is her hair auburn? Cause I'm not really seeing it with her complexion, and if anyone should know about style, it would be Alice.
Looks like they gave Carlisle one of Jasper's old wigs. He's no longer a blond and it's no longer plastered back on his head. Still looks like a bad wig. Seriously people. I know wig technology has improved over the years. Why can't this movie franchise get it right?
Jasper 's hair looks a little better, but I see he still hasn't found a solution to that annoying constipation problem. And is his hair reddish too? Perhaps Alice is sharing a little of her hair dye with him.

Rosalie is still not the most beautiful woman in the world and looks like she too has given up on the blonde wig for an equally bad looking brunette wig (again with the reddish hue). I will say the color looks better on her olive-toned complexion than the blonde did.
Who knew Zafrina was so scary? She's like the illegitimate child of Grace Jones and Iggy Pop. And who knew she was she a Batman fan? This Vladimir dude has GOT to be related to Caius. The resemblance is undeniable. I'm only sad they didn't release a poster for Caius so I could make fun of him ruthlessly and yet again voice my disappointment over him being cast as Jace in the Mortal Instruments movie. so I could see his dashing face again.
Source: TheBerry

Hey, have you ever found yourself in a 7-eleven in Singapore, wishing you could have instant mashed potatoes? Me neither. But if you should find yourself in that situation, you should know that many of the 7-elevens there have slurpee-type machines that dispense instant mashed potatoes with gravy. Apparently they are very popular in Singapore. Not sure if this will ever make it stateside, but if it does, I will be sure to review it for you. And by "review", I mean, I will pay someone else to review it for me, while I sit at home eating homemade mashed potatoes.

7-Eleven Mashed Potato Vending Machine is a Real Thing (Video)

We had to look at this a few times to be sure it was real. Turns out, it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Maggi mashed potato vending machine from 7-Eleven.

711 mashed potato

In addition to Maggi's famous seasoning sauce, they also make powdered mashed potatoes and soups. On the off-chance that you don't have any hot water to mix with your mashed potato powder, these machines make it one step easier for you.

How does this possibly work, you ask? Simply pop your mashed potato cup under the spout (although, it seems pretty tempting to go for a Big Gulp in this case?), press the 'Mashed Potato' button and wait for hot, instant mashed potato delivery, with a bath of gravy in the near future. There appears to be a 'BBQ Mashed Potato' button on this machine as well. We can't even begin to imagine what that must mean.

Still can't believe it's real? Here is proof, thanks to YouTube user kkua1973.

Tecca got in touch with a 7-11 rep who told them that while these machines are quite popular -- particularly in Singapore -- they're not sure whether the US will see these machines in their locations any time soon. The representative did note, however that "each 7-Eleven owner is responsible for requesting such hardware for their specific locations."

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, 7-Eleven Singapore, what would we do without you?

[via That's Nerdalicious]

Source: HuffingtonPost

And now, for today's FAIL... I can only hope that the amount of caffeine this person consumed prior to discovering the arachnid at the bottom of the mug helped this person's ability to get out of the way faster. Oh and one more thing... *dry heave*

epic fail  - FAIL Nation: Coffee FAIL
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And today's (Scottish Bus) WIN! I think we should have a National Talk-Like-A Scottish-Person-Day. You know, it can be just like the National Talk-Like-A Pirate-Day, but not really.

epic win photos - WIN!: Scottish Bus WIN
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Hey, WTF?!! This is for all the ladies out there who keep complaining that their bras just don't give them enough support.

fashion fail - Lifts? Yes. Separates? Probably Not.
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And that's all the time I have for today. Have a wee merry day today... and I would totally suck at National Talk-Like-A-Scottish-Person-Day. Until tomorrow then...

Hugging and holding hands is good for your heart!

It’s no secret that hugging and holding hands with a significant other can relax you and make you feel better. What a lot of people don’t know is that it can actually physically protect the health of your heart and your ability to combat stress.

Researchers at the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill have been studying the effects of hugging on people’s level of stress. To test this, they had couples watch a “pleasant” movie for 10 minutes either holding hands or not holding hands. The couples holding hands also hugged their significant other after the movie.

The researchers then had them tell about a situation that stressed them out recently, measuring their heart rate and blood pressure. The results were interesting. People who didn’t hold hands or hug had higher blood pressure while describing the situation, and their heart rate increased.

People who did hug and hold hands had much lower blood pressure, about half as high a jump in systolic reading. They also had a lower increase of heart rate. Hugging helps reduce stress!





  1. The fact that these Breaking Dawn movie posters are not fan made tells me one thing. I'm gonna need A LOT of Patron opening night.

    1. I shall supply you with A LOT of Patron opening night.

    2. We need to set up a Facetime date after Spank has had A LOT of Patron and you are behind a few Lemon Drops!

      Honestly, with all the money these movies have made, you'd think that the hair and make-up budget would have increased to the point where they could stop going to Party Packagers for the wigs!

    3. Carolyn, there's just one problem. If Spank and I are tanked, there will be no way we could figure out Facetime. LOL!

      And you're right! I've seen better wigs on lower budget movies... why are they going to the Party Store?!

  2. I was reading this in open mouthed horror at them posters!! They just look... well I have no words!! Vladimir looks seriously wierd and Zafrina looks scary but I thought she was a larger bubbly one that teaches Bella to use her powers? Or am I remembering that wrong? Also the spider *shudder* I think I'd have screamed the house Dow. If that was in my coffee!!

    1. Yes, Zafrina is the one who teaches Bella her powers. If I was Bella, the only thing Zafrina would teach me is how to run away from her.... FAST!

  3. While I saw the Pizza ATM in France and was tempted to try it(you get a hot pizza in 3 minutes!), a mashed potato machine is an ABOMINATION. I get nausea just thinking about potatoes that come from a box, can't imagine whatever it is that comes out of that machine. I think I would rather drink a coffee with a dead spider than to eat more than a spoonful of that goop.

    You know what is also causing me stomach pains? Those posters. I am amazed at the art Summit has of turning young and gorgeous looking actors into frumpy rotting corpses. Awesome job, guys! (*shakes head no*)

    1. Desiree, I agree that a mashed potato machine is an abomination! It's all soupy and nasty.

      Also, we should give some sort of award to Summit. It takes some serious skill to make Peter Facinelli that bad.