Friday, July 13, 2012

What a Boob!

Fertilizing Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Let's start the day with the announcement of the woman with the largest natural breasts. Oh, you thought it was me? Sorry to disappoint. Sadly I'm a 38 DD and not a 102 ZZZ. I don't even come close to measuring up. And now I show you... the woman with the largest natural breasts in the world...

Here is the Woman With The World's Largest Natural Breasts

Annie lives in Arglington, VA, and has size 102ZZZ breasts. To say that she "suffers" from gigantomastia would be inaccurate because she seems to love her 85 pounds of boobs and also makes them work for her. Annie has done hundreds of adult movies as "Norma Stitz" (get it?).

My favorite thing about Annie is how blasé she sounds about her endowment. "Why fix something that's not broken?" she breathes when asked about getting a reduction. She says that she's "always imitated but never duplicated," although "always" seems a stretch, especially of skin. On the nature of her p*rn, she says, "No hardcore. That means no sex."

Annie will be profiled on TLC's Strange Sex, which returns for its third season on Sunday. Thank god for TLC, for real. The network is an unabashed freak show and a gentle one at that — along with inviting us to laugh at, it allows us to laugh with, and if we're so inclined, empathize with the extreme lives it profiles. Without this network, I never would have learned how a person with two-foot fingernails wipes herself in the bathroom, or that a person can go for years drinking gasoline daily and not die. Max Silvestri has a brilliant joke comparing TLC's name change to KFC's — just like Kentucky Fried Chicken was falsely rumored to have to rebrand on account of its genetically engineered chickens no longer being considered chickens, so did The Learning Channel have to snip its name because of the lack of learning that can be extracted from it at this point. But I don't know, I generally feel smarter after I watch.

Source: Gawker

Speaking of boobs, here is the perfect accessory for your boobs for the next Renaissance Faire. In fact you don't even need a Renaissance Faire for these accessory. I'm thinking this is the perfect thing to wear to the grocery store, day care pick-up, etc.

All You Need to Know About Renaissance Fairies Is Contained In This Weird Boob Accessory

From the Etsy page for a "Weird Renaissance Boob holder" ($16.95 plus $5.25 shipping and handling):

Costume enhancer for renaissance festivals or any costume. Place creatures hands in between your breasts and see all the attention you will receive at renaissance festivals. On Etsy you will find these and more on my web site:

Everyone needs an extra pair of hands.

Source: Gawker

In celebrity news, 24 year old Brahim Zaibat brought his 53 year old granny to Paris, France. No wait, I got the details wrong. It's 53 year old Madonna with her 24 year old boyfriend Brahim in Paris.

Source: JustJared

In other news, Stephen Moyer from "True Blood" admits he's the least attractive of the True Blood leads. Stephen Moyer, I totally agree with you. Unless of course they let you play your part with your British accent and without the pasty white face they put on you. Then you'd be a contender. But until then, yes. You're right.

Stephen Moyer: I'm the Least Attractive True Blood Lead

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard arrive at HBO's "True Blood" season 5 premiere on May 30, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard arrive at HBO's "True Blood" season 5 premiere on May 30, 2012 in Hollywood, California.
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

There's plenty of male eye candy on HBO's hit vampire drama True Blood, as leading man Stephen Moyer is keenly aware.

"I may come in fourth behind Joe Manganiello, Alex Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten, if I'm really honest," the English actor, 42, admits in The Advocate's August 2012 issue. "I'm a little upset. Once upon a time I was doing very well in that area, but after Alex and Joe joined the show, I naturally went down in the pecking order."

Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten

Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten
Credit: Jesse Grant/; Gregg DeGuire/

The sexually-charged series often requires the actors to appear nude on camera, which Skarsgard, 35, is more comfortable with than Moyer. "We all know each other really well, and it's not that I care about what the actors think, but I don't think the crew necessarily needs to see my bits," Moyer explains. "As for Alex, hey, whatever floats your boat, man." (Skarsgard is known for not wearing a modesty sock while shooting.)

Dropping trou on True Blood has its perks: it made Manganiello's job much easier when he was cast as a stripper named Big Dick Richie in the movie Magic Mike.

"We've been privy to most of Joe's performance in Magic Mike just from being on set with him. Joe is not somebody who's afraid to take his top off or hump desks," Moyer, who's expecting twins with wife and costar Anna Paquin, 29, tells The Advocate. "If you went up to Joe and said, 'I hear you're playing a stripper,' he would do the dance for you then and there. He would probably do it for my dog, Banjo. He has no shame."

Source: UsMagazine

And for today's FAIL... If you come across any disabled elderly pregnant children, let them know this is the bathroom for them.

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And today's WIN! This truly is a dead end.

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Hey, WTF?! This woman has made shoes from all her victims. People wishing not to become victims should steer clear.

fashion fail - The Trophies of Her Fashion Victims
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And that's all the time I have for you today. How close do you come to the woman with the largest natural boobs? And on that note, have a razzle dazzle weekend and I'll see you on Monday. Until next time, this is for you...

Female Komodo Dragons are able to reproduce without contact with a male!

Recently, there have been two separate cases of parthenogenesis in Komodo Dragons at two separate zoos. The process parthenogenesis refers to a female being able to reproduce without being fertilized by male sperm.

It is considered a rare phenomenon and one in which very few species can do. Other documented animals that have successfully reproduced by parthenogenesis are some snakes, fish, a monitor lizard, and even a turkey.

Flora is a Komodo Dragon at the Chester Zoo in the UK and hatched eight eggs having never been in contact with male Komodo Dragons. She had originally produced eleven eggs, but three died and it allowed scientists to examine them for genetic testing. They proved that the offspring weren’t genetic copies of Flora, but their genetic makeup was only from her.

Sungai is from the London Zoo and she produced four offspring without being in contact with males for two years. Both sets of offspring are growing healthy and normal.

They can't do away with males, however. All parthenogenesis reproductions yield only male babies in Komodo Dragons due to the chromosomes of the female.





  1. If Stephen Moyer were doing a one-man show he'd be the least attractive one in it.


    1. Hahahaha!!! Though I must admit, when he is devoid of the death-makeup and speaking his British accent, he is on the sexy-meter. But his stupid southern accent just kills it.

  2. 85 pounds of boob?! My 42D's seem tiny in comparison! Can you imagine the back pain she must experience?

    1. She apparently has no complaints about her back. But each of her boobs weighs the amount of a 4 year old child. Holy boobies, Batman!