Thursday, July 19, 2012

Never Gonna Give You a Royalty

Thrashing Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. In the news, a man was fed up with the TSA, after a pat down who still being questioned about what he might be concealing, so he whipped off all his clothes. (while plenty of other airport passersby whipped out their cameras and took pictures.) TSA called police, but after a trial, the guy was found "not guilty" because it was considered a legitimate protest against TSA according to Oregon laws. I think more people should protest. It's only a matter of time before we all have to go naked through security anyway.

Portland's "Naked American Hero" not guilty!

Here's the live blog recap of Boing Boing reader John Brennan's trial for taking his clothes off in protest at a TSA screening checkpoint at the Portland Airport. John was found not guilty -- hurray!

NewImage10:40am — The first witness is in the case is TSA officer Steven Van Gordon, who relayed the story of Brennan opting out of the full body scanner, requiring him to walk through a metal detector and get a pat down. Brennan didn't raise any protest when Van Gordon patted him down. But when Van Gordon tested his gloves after the pat down, the computer detected "nitrates" on the gloves and Van Gordon told Brennan he'd need additional screening. That's when Brennan got upset and said, "I guess I have to show you that I don't have anything" and stripped totally nude.

"He whipped them off pretty fast," said Van Gordon.

"Were you able to see his genitalia?" asked the prosecuting attorney.

"Yes," said Van Gordon. While the TSA officers called Port police, the crew stacked plastic bins around Brennan to shield his nudity from passing passengers who'd begun pointing and taking cell phone pictures.

When port police arrived and asked Brennan to get dressed, that's when the Naked American Hero said he was protesting and that he was protected under Oregon's nudity laws.

The prosecutor seems to be painting the picture that Brennan wasn't legitimately protesting because he didn't raise any issue during the pat down and wasn't wearing any sort of written message—like painting his chest with some words of protest—admonishing the TSA.

Source: BoingBoing

In celebrity news, the big debate is whether or not Kristen Stewart got breast implants. Readers are saying she just got a good bra, while plastic surgeons are saying she got implants. I'm gonna side with the surgeons on this. Everyone and their mother have breast implants. Including my mother. And my stepmother. And my former sister-in-law, and my cousins-in-law. I'm telling you, everyone has them. (well, not me. But many people do.) Why wouldn't Kristen have them too? She only had mosquito bumps before. Are you trying to tell me she just discovered the WonderBra after years of having her photos taken on the red carpet? Uh... I don't think so. Perhaps that's why she FINALLY has a smile on her face.

Kristen Stewart Breast Implant Debate — Doctors Vs. Readers

8 hours ago by Dory Larrabee 64 Comments
Kristen Stewart Breast Implants

We were shocked when we saw the report on July 18 that Kristen got breast implants. We asked you and 75% of readers think she just got her hands on a good bra. We also reached out to a few plastic surgeons who tell us otherwise! Let the debate begin!

We think Kristen Stewart is beautiful no matter what, but a new report claims she had breast implants. We asked three doctors who told us EXCLUSIVELY they also believe she had surgery. What do YOU think?

“It’s a 99% certainty that she has had augmentation,” famed Dr. Barry M. Rose tells EXCLUSIVELY. Dr. Barry M. Rose, Anesthesiologist at University Of California San Francisco Medical Center, is a top medical professional and tells us that Kristen had a breast augmentation. Dr. Rose has overseen thousands of plastic surgery, breast augmentations and liposuction procedures.

“The shape and volume of her breasts in the new photo would indicate the overwhelming probability that she has undergone breast augmentation. It would have been a slightly better comparison if her blouse/shirt would have been the same in both photos.” About Kristen’s recovery time, “She can be back to non-strenuous work within a week and back to running and swimming and things of that nature in six plus weeks.”

Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami told us EXCLUSIVELY that based on our photos above, “either she has a really amazing bra on or had an appropriately-sized breast augmentation. If she did indeed undergo breast augmentation, her jump in cup size is in harmony with her body proportions. This is a very common recent trend among celebs and the public, and is in line with the ‘flash recovery breast augmentation’ technique. It is a welcome trend as it is better for your body. If she did have breast enhancement surgery, she just qualified for the cut-off age for getting silicone, which is performed after the age of 22. This all makes perfect sense given the timing of these photos.”

New York City-based plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner added EXCLUSIVELY, ”This certainly could be the result of a good, padded push-up bra. However, in my opinion, based on the size and shape of her larger breasts, breast augmentation is more likely. When I perform a rapid recovery breast augmentation, patients go home the same day. Patients often report of having mild tenderness along the incision and pressure in the breast region due to presence of the breast implants, but other than that, they’re going on with their normal daily lives with the exception of strenuous physical activity from which they should refrain during the recovery period.” In two to three weeks, patients can exercise with limitations and in six weeks, can resume normal patterns.

Our doctors all say that it looks like Kristen had breast implants but you guys aren’t so sure. Do you think Kristen was pressured to get larger breasts because she is an A-list actress in Hollywood, especially with her high-profile topless scene in On The Road? The bottom line is that it’s Kristen’s personal decision and we love her either way!

Source: hollywoodlife

Lindsay Lohan's dad and his on-again/off-again girlfriend are expecting a baby. This is the girlfriend that keeps filing a restraining order against him. Michael Lohan has been quoted as saying he hopes the baby is a girl, and is as beautiful and talented as Lindsay. Judging by the fact that he has 3-4 more kids, I'd say the child is guaranteed to be at least as messed up as Lindsay will be.

Michael Lohan Hopes New Baby With Kate Major Will be Daughter 'As Beautiful and Talented as Lindsay, Says Source.

Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan was all smiles Tuesday night when he was spotted for the first time since the announcement that his on-again, off-again girlfriend Kate Major was expecting a baby. The 52-year-old was at West Hollywood hot spot BOA, not hiding from photographers and seemingly enjoying all the new attention.

“I can confirm Kate is pregnant and in her first trimester,” Major's manager told me. Michael Lohan emailed back a simple “thank you” when I congratulated him on the baby news, but further questions were not answered.

“It is for sure his child and they are back together,” a friend of Kate’s tells me. “They are both very excited about the news and can’t wait for the arrival of the baby. Michael is already picking out names and hopes they have a daughter as beautiful and talented as Lindsay. This is a second chance for him to be the parent he always wanted to be.”

It is still confusing how Kate and Michael managed to conceive a child, when Major's restraining order against him was lifted only a few weeks ago. However, in April, Michael reportedly said that while he was in the hospital undergoing treatment for kidney stones, Kate showed up with the intention of getting pregnant.

Before dating Michael, Kate famously dated former reality television star Jon Gosselin. Michael is the father of four other children, Lindsay, 26; Michael, 25; Ali, 18; and Cody, 16. In 2008, it was revealed that Michael may have fathered an illegitimate child while still married to former wife, Dina Lohan.

Source: huffingtonpost

Leave it to a bunch of male college students to come up with the Freedom Flask. No, it's not for carrying tea to your latest Tea Party get-together. It's for hiding Booze in your pants. That's right, so that when you need a drink, you whip it out of your pants and pour it into your glass. Don't take my word for it, check out the video.

Strap On the Freedom Flask & Hide Your Booze in Your Pants.

Freedom Flask

Designed by “fifth-year” college students, the Freedom Flask is a specially-designed bag that you dump a bottle of liquor into, strap on to your waist, slide under your pants, and covertly “take your booze anywhere you chooze”. To fill up your cup, simply unzip your pants and release the liquor from the nozzle. In this demo video, you will see how easy it is to pour yourself a drink from your pants. In this suggestive promo video directed and starring Chris Murray, a man loses all his bagged alcohol in a club’s restroom. The leakproof Freedom Flask holds 32 oz. of alcohol and is available to purchase online.

Freedom Flask is hands down the best flask money can buy. It’s hidden. It’s comfortable. It’s leakproof. This flask is worn around your waist and underneath your pants which allows you to Take our booze anywhere you chooze. Our patented design uses gravity to funnel your booze directly into the leakproof nozzle to ensure easy and convenient access until every drop has been consumed and your flask is empty. Freedom Flask literally pays for itself the first time you use it and you can reuse it over and over.


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And now, for today's FAIL... You're just going to have to read the entire article here. You know they could've just adopted. *shrugs*

Probably Bad News: There are No Winners in This Story

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And today's WIN! This one is for Spank and her love for Batman.

Christopurr LOLan's Catman Trilogy

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Hey, WTF?!! Are the free hugs for anyone? Even the naked guy in the mirror? He looks like he could use a hug.

Even For the Dude in the Mirror?

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And that's all the time I have for today. Which of you needs a free hug today? I'm sure Mr. Naked Guy in the mirror would be happy to oblige. Until tomorrow then, here's something you need to know...

Rick Astley only earned $12 in royalties for his song 'Never Going To Give You Up' being played on YouTube.

The way payment works between performers and broadcasters is that the broadcaster pays the performer royalties for use of their music. On YouTube, that is a process that becomes much messier and much more inconsistent. With users constantly adding new videos, and including music that they may not have a right too, it’s hard for musicians to get paid for music on Youtube.

Even when a musician does get payment, it isn’t the payment typical of that given by the average broadcaster. Rick Astley’s song Never Going to Give You Up has been played more than 39 million times on YouTube. Despite its popularity, Astley has received on $12 in royalties for the music, a pathetic amount.





  1. Why is it that when a guy decides to get naked to protest something it is never a toned, ripped guy?! Just once I would love to see a Channing Tatum look-alike drop trou.

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