Thursday, July 26, 2012

Messing With Your Mind

Thunderous Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. I'm taking a bit of a mental health day after a hard day yesterday. (don't ask... you don't want to know, trust me)

So let's do a little something different. These are awesome pictures that make you look twice before you figure out what's going on.

18 Pictures That Will Mess With Your Mind

Things can be really confusing sometimes.

1. This:

2. And this:

And this:

3. And this:

And this:

4. This too:

This too:

5. These friends:

These friends:

6. And this family:

And this family:

7. And these two:

And these two:

8. These two, too:

These two, too:

9. This:


10. This:


11. And this:

And this:

12. Especially this:

Especially this:

13. And this, too:

And this, too:

14. This father and son:

This father and son:

15. This dog:

This dog:

16. These friends:

These friends:

17. This party:

This party:

18. And bus seats:

And bus seats:


Source: buzzfeed

And let's end this with a little more participation, shall we? Answer this in the comments:

"What is the strangest food you've ever eaten?" (I'll answer first)

When I was 15, while in Bolivia, we landed in a cleared off strip in the jungle in a 4-seater airplane to spend the day with the Yucci Indians, who wore clothes because they knew we were coming. They had their meat hanging from the trees and it was quite a day of sharing cultures. We communicated while speaking Spanish, since the younger ones knew it. (since I did not speak their native language) For dinner they served dinner. I have no clue what it was. It was served in a bowl. I don't even know how to describe what it was that I ate that night. I think some sort of legumes and handmade cheese was part of it. But I do know it was one of those times I ate to be polite. And I didn't even get sick!

Your turn!




  1. Im Indonesian. I've visited twice now. So anything eaten on that trip could be put on that list of weird... What it was? I couldn't tell you. If it looked good and tasted good.. I ate it. =]

  2. OMG at #s 12 and 13! The participation part of this is easy: I've never eaten a strange food (unless once using cream cheese as a dip for Chili Cheese Fritos counts - and it was pretty good!), but I have learned that some people consider beans or peas ladled over cornbread a strange food, but it was actually pretty common where I grew up. Or at least among my family and those that I knew.

  3. It took me FOREVER to figure out the father and son one. Those are some crazy pictures. As for the food - well, I don't think I've ever eaten anything really strange. I know. Uber boring!

  4. I can understand needing a mental health day. I've wanted to take one of those on more than one occasion!! I hope everything is better now!!
    As for strange foods...I really don't think I've eaten anything that could be considered strange. Sorry...I'm just boring like that :)