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Thankworthy Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps!  Why didn't I post yesterday?  Well, you can blame it on Mr. G this time.  He did his best to convince me Tuesday night that I had more important things to do than blog.  So you can take it up with him.  *wiggles eyebrows*  Soooooo... let's move on to the news, shall we?

Uh, honestly, with a headline like that, there's really nothing more for me to say.  That pretty much sums it up.  Uh... yep.  *tries to stifle a giggle*

Fat Woman's Corpse Sets Crematorium On Fire In Austria

The Huffington Post  |  By

Crematorium Fire 
An obese corpse may have caused a fire that nearly destroyed an Austrian crematorium.
Investigators believe that the mid-April blaze in Graz began when large amounts of burning fat from a 440-pound woman's body blocked an air filter, which in turn caused the filter system to overheat, Fox News reports.
Firefighters were able to control the blaze by blasting water through the crematorium's vents, according to the Daily Mail, but not before the fire had already done enough damage to keep the crematorium shut down for several days.
The firemen left the scene coated in layers of black, greasy soot.
Former Graz fire chief Otto Widestchek says it's time for Austria to start building special crematoria that are equipped to handle the risks of cremating obese bodies, according to the Herald Sun. In Switzerland, Widetschek points out, at least one such facility exists.

In celebrity news, Debra Messing has filed for divorce from her husband after 11 years of marriage.  Regarding her divorce, she says, “I think the institution of marriage is a noble thing. I think the idea of a partner for life is incredibly romantic. But now we’re living to 100. A hundred years ago, people were dying at age 37. Til death do us part was a much different deal,” 

Actually, the life expectancy 100 years ago for American-born people was closer to 47, AND women were usually married by age 20.  Sooooo, 100 years ago she still wouldn't have made it "til death do us part". 

Besides that's a convoluted excuse when she really just left her husband for her costar.  Seriously? She couldn't have just gone with the "irreconcilable differences"?

Debra Messing Finally Files For Divorce From Husband Daniel Zelman

by Halle Kiefer

Debra Messing Files For Divorce From Daniel Zelman

Over six months after announcing her separation, TMZ reports that Debra Messing has finally filed for divorce from husband of 11 years Daniel Zelman. The Smash actress cited “irreconcilable differences” in the documents her lawyer Neal Hersh submitted to L.A. County Superior Court, in addition to asking for joint custody and spousal and child support. “I think the institution of marriage is a noble thing. I think the idea of a partner for life is incredibly romantic. But now we’re living to 100. A hundred years ago, people were dying at age 37. Til death do us part was a much different deal,” Messing told Ladies Home Journal last month. Hmmm, if your spouse is telling Ladies Home Journal your marriage only would have worked if she’d died at 37…yeah, probably time to throw in the towel.
While the couple was reportedly living together after their split for the sake of their son, other reports claimed Debra was on the rebound in real life with her on-screen lover Will Chase, a turn of events we imagine would make her unconventional living situation…more than a little awkward. “It’s a very long time.”
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Source: VH1

In other celebrity news, Amanda Bynes was charged with a DUI after failing a field sobriety test and being deemed unfit to drive. 
She apparently decided it was a good idea to tweet President Obama, asking for help.  She tweeted, “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end”

Cause you know, President Obama has nothing better to do than to follow Twitter requests and fire policemen. 

Amanda Bynes Tweets Obama For Help After DUI Charge, Possibly Doesn’t Understand Government

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss Amanda Bynes

“Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end,” Amanda Bynes tweeted yesterday, shortly after she was charged with misdemeanor DUI for allegedly side-swiping a cop car and fleeing the scene in April. Despite her (and her father’s) frequent claims that she does not drink, prosecutors leveled the charge against her because she refused to take a Breathalyzer or blood test when she was arrested at 3 a.m on April 6, according to TMZ. At the time, the cops said she failed a field sobriety test and was deemed unfit to drive.
If convicted, she’d face 48 hours to six months in jail, but due to California’s notoriously overcrowded prison system, she’d likely only serve a couple of hours. Still, Bynes is clearly not going to stand for this kind of mark on her record, and for some reason seemed to think that the president could help her. Hmm, we know the Obamas love their celebrity friends, and the POTUS is relying on the likes of George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jay-Z to help raise money and get out the vote this November. But something tells us that all her Twitter plea has done today is make us worry about the civic education of former child actors. Maybe she was too busy being All That to learn about the actual duties of the president?
Source: VHI

And now, for today's FAIL.  Did she mean "Prom" or is she actually the Queen of a city in central Burma? Does she know that's permanent?

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And today's WIN!  Now these are the coolest parents/kids car decal I've ever seen.

epic fail photos - WIN!: When Geeks Have Kids WIN
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Hey, WTF?!  Where did they find a pair of unicorns to pose in the background during the photoshoot?

And that's all the time I have for today... may you have cotton candy flavored dreams, and until tomorrow...

Cotton candy, notoriously bad for the teeth, was co-invented by a dentist.

William James Morrison was a dentist, lawyer, and author from Nashville, Tennessee in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Because he became President of the Tennessee State Dental Association in 1894 and wrote several children’s books, it might seem a little odd that he would go on to invent cotton candy.
Dr. Morrison patented several inventions in the food department. He developed a process for extracting the oil from cottonseeds and converting it to lard substitute, and even figured out a chemical process to purify the public drinking water in Nashville.
In 1897, he and a Nashville candy maker named John C. Wharton conceived and co-patented an “electric candy machine” which produced what was then called Fairy Floss and today is called Cotton Candy. The product was brought to the public in 1904 and became a huge instant success.


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