Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Woozy Wednesday to you all, my little gingersnaps.  So who wants to watch some Octomom Porn? 


Yes, that's right... Octomom has decided to make money via the Adult Film Industry after filing for Bankrupcy and having $1 million in debt. She has previously vowed to not go into the Porn Industry but has changed her mind.  I say, why not?  Might as well start saving the money for her kids' future therapy bills anyway.  *facepalm*

'Octomom' Files for Bankruptcy; Nadya Suleman Turns to Adult Film Industry

Nadya Suleman, seen here in a file photo from late last year, is reportedly set to star in a masturbation video.
SANTA ANA, Calif. -- "Octomom" Nadya Suleman filed for bankruptcy Monday, saying in a court filing that she has as much as $1 million in debt.
"I have had to make some very difficult decisions this year, and filing Chapter 7 was one of them," Suleman said.
The La Habra mother of 14 reports up to $50,000 in assets in federal court filings, which means she owes more than 20 times her net worth.
Suleman is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means a court-appointed trustee would liquidate her assets to pay off creditors before she is discharged from most of her debts.
Among others, Suleman owes money to her father, the city's water department, DirecTV and Whittier Christian School, where at least some of her children are students.
Suleman also owes more than $30,000 in rent payments on her four-bedroom house.
The home's owner, Amer Haddadin, says his own credit has suffered as he allowed the home to go into foreclosure proceedings by not making the mortgage payments.
A foreclosure auction that was scheduled for Monday has been postponed for a week.
Suleman was in financial dire straits before the January 2009 birth of her octuplets brought her notoriety.
In 2009, Suleman declined a million-dollar offer to appear in pornography -- but now she's changed her mind.
TMZ reported that Suleman signed up to make a solo masturbation video for an adult entertainment company.
Suleman reportedly "doesn't consider a masturbation video porn, because it's a solo mission."
She has vowed in the past never to get into pornography, but she has made $10,000 for posing topless.
All Suleman's children were conceived through in vitro fertility treatments. Her octuplets are the world's longest-surviving set.
 Source: HuffingtonPost

 In celebrity news, Charlize Theron has said she loves Kristen Stewart so much she "would jump off a building for that girl".  Would that be a 1 story building?  A 2 story building?  With a net below? 

But what I really want to know is, would she jump of the cliffs of La Push for Kristen Stewart? 

Charlize Theron 'Would Jump Off a Building' for Kristen Stewart

Charlize Theron 'Would Jump Off a Building' for Kristen Stewart
Check out this new poster for Snow White and the Huntsman featuring Charlize Theron as the evil Queen Ravenna!
The 36-year-old actress and co-star Kristen Stewart recently appeared at CinemaCon 2012 to promote the movie, out June 1, which co-stars Chris Hemsworth.
“I really, I really, really love that girl. I love that girl, like, I would jump off a building for that girl,” Charlize told Access Hollywood about Kristen. “She’s amazing, she’s amazing. She’s the real deal … [and] she gives really good back rubs.”
“[Kristen] is the kind of actor that I like to be around because there’s nothing she’d really stop at in order to do the job,” Charlize added. “She’s got a tremendous amount of talent and, you know, I think you can have talent, but if you don’t have tenacity and moxy … She’s bad ass.”
Source: JustJared

In other celebrity news, Jessica Simpson has finally given birth after a 14 month pregnancy.  She named her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson.  *shrugs*  Check out Jessica's $4,000/day Maternity Suite.  So, this is how the other half gives birth.  I might not have been tempted to throw my firstborn out the hospital window if I had a room like that to recover in. 

And yes I'm glad I didn't actually throw him out of the hospital room window.  Because you know, I had just had a C-section and couldn't actually get out of the bed. 

Jessica Simpson Maternity Suite is Sweeeeeeeeet for a Cool $4,000 a DAY!

Jessica Simpson baby suite at the hospital

Jessica Simpson's new baby girl arrived in the lap of luxury ... 'cause the hospital she was born in offers the crème de la crème of birthing suites --  if you open your wallet wider than a birthing uterus.

We're told Cedars-Sinai offers several VIP suites for pocket heavy new moms, but it's NOT the $500k mentioned in some reports. 

The BEST suite you can snag -- a 3-bdrm, 2-bath private pad within the hospital -- will run $3,784 a day ... more than what Beyonce spent  -- $3,200 a night --  on her luxury, 4 bedroom birthing suite.

All that green goes a long way ... Jessica's suite boasts flat screen TV's, chilled juices on ice, muffin baskets, manis & pedis for wiped out new moms and a private dinner for two post-labor.

Simpson just delivered baby girl -- Maxwell Drew Johnson -- this AM, weighing in at 9 pounds, 13 ounces.
Source: TMZ

And now, for today's FAIL... I need to look at this picture every time I'm having a bad day.  Instant giggles, guaranteed. 

 epic fail photos - FAIL Nation: Exiting FAIL
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And now, for today's WIN!  Does anyone else want to take a swan dive into this cupcake mass?  No? Just me? 

epic fail photos - WIN!: 10,000 Cupcake Mosaic WIN
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Hey, WTF?!!  I'm dying to know what Bernard P. Hopkins did.  (not literally though)


 Source: BoingBoing

 And that's all the time I have for today...  meet me back here same time, same place tomorrow.  Until then...

Half of Kentucky used to be called Transylvania.

Before you go thinking that Dracula was from Kentucky, remember the difference between a Kentucky accent and Romanian. This American Transylvania was started by a man named Richard Henderson who owned the North Carolina based Transylvania Company.
The company reached an agreement with the native Cherokee in Kentucky to buy the land in the “Treaty of Sycamore Shoals.” The area was half the size of present-day Kentucky. The men hoped to establish their own British proprietary colony, unfortunately when making the deal with the Cherokee, the men of the Transylvania Company didn't realize that they would be encroaching on territory claimed by both Virginia and North Carolina.
They weren't just encroaching, but actually violating Virginia, North Carolina and British laws. They didn't realize this and settled anyway. Henderson tried to get the colony officially recognized, but was denied and the colony dissolved. As compensation, however, they were given about 12 square miles in the area below the Ohio River.



  1. I think the octo mom article had a typo. It should have said that she owes money to the Christian school her children will soon be LEAVING!

    1. Oh, good point, Gina. I wonder if Whittier Christian School has a policy against parents participating in porn.

  2. I think the money Octomom is going to get for that video isn't even going to make a dent in the future therapy bills her kids are going to have.

    I'll join you in that dive into the cupcakes! That looks amazing!!

    And one final note...I actually have a t-shirt from Transylvania University ( which is in Lexington Kentucky. I spent a lot of time in Lexington on business years ago and had to pick up a shirt from that school.

    1. I want a shirt from Transylvania University!!

  3. Here's a hot tip for tomorrow's news: Spank is going into porn.

    1. Does that mean you're starring in the film adaptation of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series? I'd watch that and would promise not to heckle. ;)

    2. Oh yeah, Spank? We've shared a lot over the years, maybe we can do a joint venture here. Maybe call it The Spank and Ginger Show? Possibly pay off my big tax bill? Whaddya say? *wink*

    3. Now starring in the role of Dr. Jane, Spank Ransom. Yes... You heard it here first folks... I'm gonna be getting my S&M on with Vishous! *throws handcuffed shaped confetti*

      Ooh I have a big tax bill too, G! Sounds like a great show. Can I do the weather? ;)


    4. I need you two to help me with a cool porn star name for when I star as Mary in The Beast of Rhage (or some other cheesy title).

      I think your new "Spank and Ginger Show" needs to include a dramatic reading of the spicier sections of the books. I think it would be a hit!