Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mu Shu Poo

Thalassic Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps.  The Chinese really love their pork.  So much so that there's an estimated 700 million pigs in China, which produce 1.5 million tons of pig poo a year.  So now they're trying to turn pig poo into biofuel for cooking and heating, using the rest for fertilizers.  Puts a whole new meaning to having the Mu Shu Poo Poo Platter.

Pig Poo Power The Answer To China's Porky Poser?

Reuters  |  By

By Pauline Askin

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Seven hundred million pigs produce a lot of poo.

China's love of pork presents a mountain of a problem for the environment, 1.4 million metric tons (1.5 million tons) of pig poo a year to be precise, but an Australian company believes it has part of the answer.

Why not turn the pig poo into power?

Using a bioreactor called "PooCareTM" and other technology, the pig manure is converted into biofuel for cooking and heating while the residual goes to farmers as nutrient-rich fertilizers.

"The benefits are energy and fuel for farmers as well as preventing further contamination of the environment," said Ravi Naidu, chief scientist at CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC Care), a South Australian-based firm involved in drawing up the technology.

"So it's really a green technology from that perspective," Naidu, a University of South Australia professor, told Reuters.

The process involves a bioreactor 30 m (98 ft) long, 10 m (33 ft) high and 4 m (13 ft) wide. It is set below ground and waste is fed through it slowly at a pre-determined temperature.

This converts solid waste into a biogas that is then pumped through gas tanks that can be delivered to the local community. The entire process takes about a month, with the first biogenerator already running at a farm in Wuhan, central China.

China has an estimated 700 million pigs, producing some two-thirds of the meat consumed there annually, so the scale of the problem can't be underestimated.

Only one tenth of pig waste is used now as manure. It is estimated the nutrients lost in the waste of one pig alone are worth about A$50 ($52) per year. There is a vast disparity in rural and urban incomes with farmers earning around $75 per month.

The potential health hazards are worse.

"Pig waste contains a high level of nitrate, which in liquid form can contaminate ground water and in flake form can contaminate lakes, posing human health risks," Naidu said.

Chinese scientists and Hong Kong-based technology firm HLM Asia Ltd also took part in developing the technology, which costs roughly A$35,000 ($36,400) for one bioreactor. Mass production would bring costs down, Naidu said.

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I never thought I'd think I had anything in common with Miley Cyrus, but that is EXACTLY the same way I pump my gas too!  What a coincidence!  It's just not the same unless your jacket is covering your face.

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And now let's hear it for the Chicago woman who has enough cojones to repeatedly spit in front of the camera and pretend she didn't know it was recording.  This is priceless.

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And now, Kama Sutra for sleepers!

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And today's WIN!  I think I just sat here and watched this animated gif for 5 minutes straight, while giggling.  I so wish I could do this.

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Hey, WTF?!!  Actually it's kind of cool. I want my eyes to be done like the Hulk.

fashion fail - "We Have an Army." "We Have... Style."
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And that's all the time I have for today.  Which character would you have your eyes done as?  (men feel free to answer this too)  Until tomorrow then...

Scientists have found soft tissue on dinosaurs that is nearly 70 million years old!

A Tyrannosaurus rex was recently found in Montana with a shattered leg bone. As paleontologists studied the specimen, one scientist did something that was slightly out of the ordinary. Dr. Mary Schweitzer took fragments of the bone and submerged them in acid in her laboratory.
What she discovered was astonishing. The specimen contained bits of tissue, red blood cells, and more. Before this, it was thought impossible that these elements would survive this long. This is the first observation of its kind and scientists around the world are baffled by the findings.
The findings could potentially lead to new insights on how dinosaurs evolved, how their muscles and blood vessels worked, and could even settle the debate on whether the animals were warm-blooded, coldblooded –or both.
 Why was this information just discovered? Scientists say it’s so difficult to find and procure the bones in the first place that most did not even think to destroy them in acid! No word on whether they'll be able to get enough DNA out of this tissue to create a theme park, though.



  1. That spitting video made me gag so much. I hate people spitting!! Also is that lady in the window Miranda Hart as it looks like her? If it is she is so funny!!

  2. The Hulk one would be perfect for you! I'm partial to Thor but I think it would only last about 5 minutes before it became so itchy I'd have to take it off. That is A LOT of eye make-up!

    I giggled for at least 5 minutes at the woman in the window too. That is exactly something I would do. Just ask my sisters. ;)

    1. Yep, Carolyn, I chose the Hulk for the colors! I think we need to find a way how to do this to other people!

  3. It is Miranda Hart I thought so she is so funny!! You should check her out on you tube! She's very British though!!

    1. Thank you for telling me who she is!! I shall look her up! Just that clip alone cracks me up!

    2. That's actually a small clip from her tv series. It's named after her if you wanna watch it. But like I said its a very British humour and some Americans don't understand it!! (No offence meant by that!!) :-)

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  4. I bet you didn't think a guy would answer your question about the eyes. If I had to choose, I'd have to go with the eye patch because patches are cool :)

    1. Jeff, I give you HUGE props for answering that question. You're right, I didn't think a guy would answer that question.