Thursday, April 26, 2012


I'm so happy you guys are enjoying my pictures! That's the only reason I'm tolerating this insanely slow wi-fi to keep bringing them to you!  Today it rained on and off all day in Yosemite.  So naturally we decided to drive one of the more dangerous roads up to Glacier Point.  Seriously... look at this scary-@ss turn.

And since I was determined to get a few shots from Glacier Point, I braved the rain and cold to take a few pictures of my kids... who I forced to brave the rain and cold as well...

Here's Half Dome

Yosemite Falls

Then we rewarded the kids by letting them have a SNOW FIGHT!!!

Marlie's such a girly girl... even when getting hit by a snow ball! LOL

Then Haven was the dutiful big brother and stood still, allowing Marlie to get one good snow ball hit on him. 

On the drive back I wanted to stop at a vista point where we had seen a snowy field.  As we were pulling over, we noticed what we thought was a wild dog but quickly realized it was a coyote.  The car that was leaving was throwing food scraps at it.  Idiots.  

He let me get surprisingly close to him.  No I did not try and touch him! I will remind you he is a cousin of the dog and I do not touch dogs.  Now if it was a bobcat, I'd be writing this from a hospital bed because I'd totally try to approach that little kitteh.  

These are the shots I got of the snowy area. Not sure if I like them or not.  

As we were leaving, the coyote was very disappointed we did not feed him.  Hey, not-so-smart coyote, get out of the road!  No, we're not going to feed you.

And as we drove away, we saw the coyote's true stripes.  He is a straight up attention hog.  Up on the snow bank, giving the begging eyes to every car that passed.  SMH.  That is such a sad comment on the stupidity of humans, that people would feed a wild animal like that.  

Though if that was a bobcat, I totally would've thrown him a hot dog.  This is my blog.  I'm allowed to have double standards.



  1. How cool that you got such great photos of the coyote - and there were people feeding him? Crazy!! We have a pack of coyotes that live in our neighborhood - they are quite a nuisance!

  2. Great pictures, the views are quite stunning.

  3. Thanks for the photos! Believe it or not this is the first time I truly see a coyote and I must say, I am a bit disappointed. I thought he would look less like a dog but to me it just looks cute. Coincidentally, this week I saw my first photo of a bobcat, who also looks like a bigger kitty and super cute. Which puts the final nail in the coffin that I will never go camping or on a hike because I WILL be eaten by a wild animal within the first hours of my adventure.