Monday, April 23, 2012

Destination: Yosemite

Every year we journey to Yosemite and rent a house inside the park. (my idea of camping) Every year we try a different house, always in search of the "perfect" one. Last year's house was the first house that had wi-fi, and it was brand new, so we hoped to be able to get that house again. However that house wasn't available on such short notice, so we are carrying on tradition by staying in a different house again.

We had a nice drive, and stopped half-way at the Black Bear Diner. We love that place!

We stopped at Oakhurst (30 minutes outside of the park) to get our fresh groceries for making meals at the rental house. Once we got within a mile of the park gate, we were stopped by ambulances and Fire Trucks. A tanker carrying "caustic chemicals" flipped over and it was going to take several hours of clean-up before they could let anyone pass.

Our only alternative way to get into the park was to drive back to Oakhurst, drive through Mariposa and then enter through the west side of the Park. (adding 2 and 1/2 hours) So much for our cold groceries!

After we turned around, we were quickly passed by an ambulance that was rushing someone (the tanker driver? the other driver involved?) to the hospital and it put it all in perspective. So what if we had a few ruined groceries. If we had been there just 10-15 minutes before, we could've been the ones involved in that accident. So after voicing that out loud with the kids, we maintained a pretty good attitude about it and got to see landscape we had never seen before by entering the park from a different side.

We got checked in, got our keys and drove to the rental house. It is new. I mean, brand-spanking new. Granite countertops, hardwood floors, new furniture, etc. AND it has wi-fi. (though there is a strict daily allowance of internet used, which means I likely won't be able to do the researching necessary for the usual Gingersnaps in the Morning.) But I can certainly provide little tidbits of how our day went and provide pictures. The best part of the house is that there is a separate living room for the kids, which is downstairs and right outside their bedrooms. Now this just might be the house we need to get again!

Last but not least, as we were driving through the park to get to the rental house, the sun was setting. I just had to snap a couple of pictures with my iPhone...

I really love this place! Tomorrow... we sleep in and do whatever the h...e...double hockey sticks we want to do. We're here for a week!



  1. That view is just gorgeous! I really need to figure out how to download my pictures from my iphone :-)

  2. Excellant! Have a wonderful time! It's nice to get perspective and have the children understand the blessing it was that you were not running 15 minutes early :)

  3. Your oldest son looks so much like you more each day! Have a blast. I had a boyfriend who climbed alot of the cliffs in looks amazing.