Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sick Again?!

Say what, my little gingersnaps? Sick again? Well you try enduring an 8 day stomach flu and see if your immune system can fend off a super cold right away. I bet it can't. Off to the doctor this morning because it feels like I've been swallowing razor blades since Friday. (you're welcome for the visual)

But all is not lost! If for some reason you missed yesterday's "Mommy Hates Chemicals" review, hop on over to get a peak of Jamie's leg and my chi-chis from our respective bathtubs while we review our Tom's of Maine Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar. Perhaps that will hold you over until the antibiotics kick in. (Unless of course you are a handful of people I know that saw me grow up before I hit puberty, who I KNOW read this blog... please do us both a favor and don't click the link.)

Until tomorrow then... *thud*