Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Just A Matter of Time

*searches for an appropriate "Th" adjective that adequately apologizes for missing 3 days of posts since my head was stuck in a book series, reading 5 books in 5 days... then fails to find that adjective... settles for...*

Thralldom Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps! What have you been doing for the past 5 days? You guys know what I've been doing. You'd think I'd get a clue when the kids give up trying to take away my Kindle and the cats start trying to distract me. Hey, at least the kids were clothed and fed. Well fed, anyway. Do poptarts count?

Apparently while I was stuck in a book, Randy Travis was arrested for public intoxication. He was drinking wine in front of a Baptist Church. Aren't Baptists against alcohol consumption? Whoa Randy, seems you've been too gone for too long and now we've seen the hard rock hard bottom of your heart. I told you so, it's just a matter of time before we caught you digging up bones. But I bet you still have a pretty good voice, and always will, forever and ever amen. (okay guys... how many songs did I just cram in there?)

P.S. you kinda look freaky in your mug shot. And not in a good way.

Source: TMZ

Dear Marie Claire photoshopper... when you stick someone's head on someone else's body, try to make sure the head is turned the same direction as the hair & neck on the other person's body. Even I (who photoshopped MY head on someone else's body in the blog header without using layers) can do better than that.

Source: icydk

And now, for today's FAIL...

If you're apologizing for vomiting on someone, I'm going to step out on a limb and assume food is not the way to get back into that person's good graces.

Party Fails - After 12: Cupcakes Make Up For The Trauma, Right?
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And for today's WIN! Really, can anything that contains bacon be bad? (that was rhetorical. Of course bacon ups the food quotient to awesome.) (I have no idea if that last statement makes sense, I've read 5 books in 5 days and my brain is still fighting the Unseelie Faery Apocalypse in Dublin)

Source: uncrate

Today's WTF moment is brought to you by Debbie Harry. Umm... *tilts head in confusion at her shirt caption* Jesus wore eyeliner and purple tights???

And that's all the time I have for today. If you're going to be digging up bones or rebelling, pick something a little more creative than public intoxication in front of a Baptist Church. Oh! And don't forget to tell me later what you did. Until tomorrow then...

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  1. My friend's husband was one of the police officers that arrested Randy Travis. I understand the mug shot was actually flattering. He said he thought he was in front of another church in his own town of Tioga (home of Gene Autry).

  2. @Roni, Thanks for sharing the info. I wonder why he wanted to be in front of a specific church. (love Gene Autry)