Thursday, February 2, 2012

British Dentistry: Not An Oxymoron

Thuggish Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. In the news, a wealthy 48 year old man has adopted his 42 year old girlfriend in order to protect his assets in a wrongful death lawsuit. You see in 2010 he ran a stop sign and killed a boy. Now the parents of the boy are suing him. If the parents win the civil suit, they won't be able to access any of the money he put in a trust for his 2 children. By making his girlfriend his legal daughter (ewww), he increases the amount of money he can keep from the parents of the deceased boy. Okay, let's get past the whole "douchebaggery" aspect of this story and the incest that is probably taking place now as a result of the adoption and get to the real important part of the story. ADULTS CAN ADOPT OTHER ADULTS. You know what that means, right? My chances of getting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to adopt me is no longer just a fantasy. It has graduated to a fantasy with a possibility of probably not coming true. Which is better than a fantasy with no hope of coming true. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

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In celebrity news, Tilda Swinton has signed on to be in a Vampire Romance Film. Which makes perfect sense if you want to save a little money on the make-up budget. The film has been described as an unusual love story where two vampires have been in love for centuries. I'm not sure what they mean by "unusual" unless Tilda Swinton is cast as the romantic lead.

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If you're a fan of Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report, you must catch his interview with "Where The Wild Things Are" author Maurice Sendak. This is pure comedy gold.

And now, for today's (treadmill salesman) FAIL

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And now for today's (cat innovation) WIN! Way to turn a unitasker into a multitasker, little kitteh.

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Hey, WTF?!! At Rome's Fashion Week they unveiled the latest fashion... the alien uniboob dress. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to when the Walmart version hits the stores. I've been wanting to find a new dress for church.

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And that's all the time I have for today. Why don't you find another use for your old bras today. Until tomorrow, here's something I bet you didn't know...

In 2006, Britain had the best dental hygiene!

Although stereotypes dictate that citizens of Britain have bad teeth, in reality, they have some of the healthiest! The OECD reported among selected countries, both Britain and Germany average at less than one decaying/missing tooth among children! Which country has the worst dental hygiene on average?

Among the countries researched, Poland has the worst teeth at almost four decaying/missing teeth in its child population! The United States is ranked at #10 with a little over one decaying/missing teeth on average. To see if your country’s pearly whites were evaluated, click the Source below!



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