Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still Alive

Hey guys, remember me? I'm still alive. I know I've been on radio silence for a bit. It was not my best Christmas, to be honest. 3 out of 4 of our free range bunnies were taken out by raccoons in December... bunnies who have run free in our yard for YEARS. Somehow word got out that there was a tasty bunny buffet at the G-home. I've got 3 caged bunnies and now the only free one is my giant one Anya. I'm hoping she's too big for the raccoons to get. Because I will open a can of whip-raccoon on them if they touch her. (she's unfortunately too big for a cage)

Then my favorite aunt, who has battled cancer for 2 years passed away the day after her stem cell transplant. This was the week prior to Christmas and the week after was the memorial service in North Carolina, that I wasn't able to attend. Why? Because I was getting Mr. G ready for his 2 week trip to Ethiopia on a Photography Workshop with his favorite Professional Photographer.

Then Mr. G actually left for Ethiopia and I realized something about myself. Me & Mr. G are like a bonded pair of bunnies. (there are many reasons I chose to compare us to "bunnies" *wiggles eyebrows*) But as with bunnies, when one goes, the other one is barely able to function. I had very little contact with him as he was in remote areas without internet. He returns home tomorrow and I still haven't been able to talk on the phone with him. So... I didn't tweet much. I didn't post on FB much. I didn't blog AT ALL. It's all really rather pathetic. But now that he's on a plane on his way back home, I can feel myself returning. I will be back, people!

Also, my sis is flying in tonight to visit me for the first time in 10 years. Woo Hoo!

What else has been going on with us? Well remember that shelter kitteh from my previous post that we were going to try to adopt?

Well we did adopt him. His name is Merlin. And I think he cast a love spell on Mr. G, because the man who was annoyed we had so many damn cats, has now proclaimed Merlin to be the love-of-his-life kitty. He's obsessed with this cat. I've been married to the man for 15 years and I can't believe what I'm seeing. This cat can do no wrong, even when he does the exact same thing Mr. G gets mad at the other cats for doing.

He's actually a very, very sweet kitty that is supposed to end up being 20 pounds of muscle when he's full grown. The entire family loves him. Even the other kitties!

Especially little Tonks who is cuddling with him. Another reason for the chaos of the season is that Tonks has been sick all of December, eventually getting pneumonia. After several vet visits, she was sent to an Internist who did a CAT scan on her (yes a CAT scan on my cat) where they found she has a very rare genetic birth defect that they may or may not be able to fix. There are thousands of dollars of tests they have done and need to continue to do before they can find out if they can do surgery (more thousands of dollars) to fix her. She is my favoritist kitty, so she's lucky I'll do anything to fix her.

Needless to say, there's been lots going on... Oh how can I forget... My oldest turned 12...

And my youngest turned 6, all within the week of Christmas.

We didn't blow her up, but we did gun down her and her other brother...

And last but not least, one of our outside cats Norbert (who is not the favoritist kitty, hence his outside-only status) got blown to bits. Too bad. He was a good kitty.

Rest assured, my friends... Gingersnaps in the Morning is baaaaaaaaack!



  1. Pathetic? You guys are sickeningly adorable.

  2. Sorry for all the sad/stressful times. :( I am glad you are back, Mr. G is returning, and most of all that you got the ginger kitty! I look forward to more Ginger-riffic hilarity!


  3. YAY! Happy to "see" you...just in time for me to go away..sniffle. I'm having a c section tomorrow!! While I'm happy to evict baby, I'm sad as I'll have less time to follow the fun stuff on the interwebs. HUGS to you for the rough month. Glad Mr. G is on his way home soon.