Monday, January 23, 2012

Keep Your Cucumbers To Yourself

Well Miracle Monday to you all, my little gingersnaps! I'm back! Mr. G is safely home from Ethiopia. My sis is no longer visiting and now life can go back to normal. Well as normal as it was before.

In the news, a Muslim Cleric is warning Muslim women to stay away from Cucumbers, Bananas and other phallic foods to avoid having "sexual thoughts". I guess that applies to carrots, jarred pickles, and uh... help me out here. Eggplants? Squash? As a woman, I can honestly say I have never had a piece of food at the grocery store give me sexual thoughts. But what do I know? I'm just a ginger infidel.

Source: foxnews

Hey all you Spice Girls fans! (well, all 3 of you anyway) Looks like they may be reuniting at the Summer Olympics. That is Victoria Beckham (the one holdout) can take a break from not eating and join them. I'll add this to my list of things to be super excited about this summer. *shakes head no*

Source: HuffingtonPost

This here is the classiest possible response by a concert violinist (Lukas Kmit), for the ruined mood of his concert by a cell phone ring... (it's around the 40 second mark)

Source: DList

And now, for today's announcing-your-baby's-sex FAIL:

crazy parenting fails - Parenting Fails: Congratulations, this is what a boy looks like!
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And for today's WIN:

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Autocowrecks: Meeting Your Maker
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Hey, WTF??! Yes, yes, today's pic was provided by me. A special thank you to my two cats Lupin (above) and Dobby (below) for participating. In a related note, the Furminator removes a sh*t load of fur from your pet when you're brushing them. Just ask Lupin.

And that's all the time I have for today. Thinking of running a marathon? Think again, unless you like your odds. Knowing me, I'll be the 1 in 500,000. Which is the only reason I'm not out there running marathons. Until tomorrow then...

For every 50,000 marathon runners, 1 dies of a heart attack within 24 hours of finishing the race!

This statistic applies to anyone who does strenuous activity for three or more hours. Researchers know that the reason is over-exertion of the heart muscle, which causes muscle cells to die. It's not an age thing either. According to their findings, younger, fitter people have a higher risk of having exertion related heart problems because they put more strain to their heart while exercising. Other facts about heart attacks:

• 39% of all heart attacks are fatal.
• About 57.5% of victims die before they are able to reach a hospital
• Watching the World Cup increases the risk of a heart attack

To read more about the marathon runner statistic and the research behind it, click the source below!



**HEY! If you want to check out some of Mr. G's Ethiopian pics from his trip, hop on over to his photography blog today.


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