Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Trembling Tuesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. In the news, police responded to a disturbance call and found a badly beaten woman. The woman claims her husband tried to strangle her twice and struck her in the face when she tried to dial 911. His first response was to say that her injuries were a result of several falls. But after being grilled by the police he changed his story and said, "A ghost did it". Crazy idgit. Ghosts aren't corporeal. But if the wife thinks she saw her husband do it, maybe it was a shapeshifter taking the form of the husband. If you ask me, this is a job for Sam and Dean Winchester. Or you can just lock up the husband.

Snooki tweeted a picture of herself sans make-up and guess what people... she looks better. Much, MUCH better. Why in the H... E... Double Hockey Sticks does she spend so much time making herself look so much worse? Mr. G thought I was messing with him when I showed him this photo. He still doesn't believe the one on the left is really her. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's her much prettier sister we don't know about.

Source: thefablife

This kitty takes the task of ascending a spiral staircase VERY seriously.

And now, for today's FAIL. Guess the t-shirt didn't work.

epic fail  - FAIL Nation: Avoiding The Cops FAIL
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And for today's WIN! Harry Potter's iPhone:

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Autocowrecks: Harry Potter's iPhone
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Hey, WTF?!! Cause all women want to wear bras with fake nipples on them.

fashion fail - Poorly Dressed: I'm sure that's what all women want out of their bras.
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And that's all the time I have for today. Go and find yourself a fake nipple bra and see how everyone reacts around you. Take notes and report back. Until tomorrow then...

All the drawings in Titanic were drawn by the director James Cameron, including the nude sketch of Kate Winslet!

James Cameron is quite the artist. He has the two biggest movies of all time and countless other contributions to cinema. However, it’s been said that he was difficult to work with on the movie set.

Other fun facts about Titanic. All the rooms within the ship in the movie were exact replicas of the real Titanic ship based upon photos. The colors and china were accurately depicted of the era, also! Cameron actually hired Russian diving equipment to take real footage of the Titanic wreckage that was over 2 miles under the ocean. He made several high risk dives to capture the footage. Cameron put $200 million into the film and came out with the biggest gross of its time with $1 billion and was nominated for 14 Academy Awards! Bruno Garcia



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  1. That bra? All wrong. My nipples are way-the-heck-down-there. I'm just saying.