Monday, December 5, 2011

Spell Casting

Mandalin Monday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Yes I'm aware I missed Friday's post. Mr. G was being extra bossy and after the kids were in bed, he demanded all my attention for the rest of the evening instead of me blogging. It's not what you think... he just wanted to watch TV with me. Okay maybe it is what you think. What? Blame it on him.

In the news, Police Employees in Florida were fired for trying to create a magic spell using a Santeria ritual that included sprinkling enchanted birdseed around the manager's office in an attempt to get rid of their boss. Apparently they got something in the ritual wrong, because instead of getting rid of their boss, their boss got rid of them. Perhaps they should've sprinkled the enchanted birdseed in a counterclockwise pattern instead of clockwise. *shakes my head*

Florida Police Employees Fired for Trying to Cast Spell

They allegedly tried to drive out superior with birdseed

By Kevin Spak, Newser Staff

Posted Dec 1, 2011 2:03 PM CST

(Newser) – A pair of Florida police employees had hoped their magic spell would get rid of their boss—but it wound up sending them packing instead. With budget cuts looming over the North Miami Police Department, longtime cop Elizabeth Torres and office manager Yvonne Rodriguez had plotted to sprinkle enchanted birdseed around the city manager’s office, a Santeria ritual that they believed would make him want to leave, a police spokesman tells MSNBC.

But the plan unraveled when they tried to get janitor Esther Villaneuva to spread the seeds for them. Worried she’d get in trouble or that some harm might come to the city manager, Villaneuva reported the scheme. Now Rodriguez has been fired, and a recommendation is pending to terminate the union-protected Torres as well. But Torres says she meant no harm. “It’s nothing malicious and nothing intended to hurt that person,” she told investigators. “This is something I was raised with.”

Remember that incredibly awkward first kiss those two virgins shared after they were pronounced husband and wife? You know, the one where they were trying to eat each other's faces off? That got me wondering how their marriage night was going to go. Well TLC released another promo that has them discussing their plans for their wedding night. And it's even more awkward. The actual show aired last night. Mr. G and I watched it. Seriously, it was one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I'm expecting the highlights to be on the Soup this week. We were expecting Christopher Guest to show up at any moment. Okay people. I was a virgin when I got married, BY CHOICE, (not that I didn't have offers) but THESE PEOPLE SCARED ME. And the couple featured in the promo... the kisses only get more and more cringe-worthy, but you can't miss the wedding guests trying to describe their kiss. And the wife was far more enthusiastic about kissing than he was, which might reveal more about why the groom was never tempted to kiss a girl before. (wink,wink, nudge,nudge)

Speaking of awkward videos... let's watch a video of a woman with an extreme animal phobia of... KITTENS! Seriously, how does this woman even search the web without being bombarded with adorable pictures of kittehs? Scared of tiny wittle kittehs? How is this even possible? Don't tell me she had some sort of kitten trauma as a child, because I'm the one whose cat got rabies and attacked me when I was 6 (causing me to get a full series of rabies shots) and later in high school was attacked by a (possibly rabid) cat at a gas station. If anyone has a right to be cat-phobic, it's me, and I have seven cats!

And now it's time for... WHY SIRI WHY?!!!

Source: whysiriwhy

Here is today's Naming-a-town FAIL. You know this is probably in Wales. Freaky long-worded people who care nothing for vowels. They're like the anti-Hawaians.

engrish funny - Engrish Funny: WHERE AM I?
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And for today's WIN... Yes I know it's childish, but it's a win because it made me laugh out loud.

epic fail photos - WIN!: DC Tour WIN
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Hey, WTF??!! I'm not really sure this encourages me to try out this dentist. For a myriad reasons.

wtf photos videos - That's Just Bad Advertising
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And that's all the time I have for today. If you plan to scatter enchanted bird seed around your boss's office, remember COUNTERCLOCKWISE, not clockwise, and until tomorrow then...

Ancient Babylonians took their beer so seriously that if someone made a bad batch, they would have been drowned in it

Babylonians were one of the first cultures to become brewers. They took the quality of the beer so seriously that they would drown the brewer in its own beer if the beer wasn’t good enough.

Beer is one of the world's oldest prepared beverages, possibly dating back to the early Neolithic or 9500 BC. This is the same time period when cereal was first farmed and is recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.



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  1. 1. I was soooo hoping you were going to write about that kiss! I keep seeing it on TV and I cringe and crack up EVERY TIME!...The wedding night robe idea the girl spoke about was no exception....#cringe

    2. The therapist in the cat video is moonlighting on the animal planet!!!! She is the therapist for Hoarders! And IMO the most annoying one!