Thursday, December 1, 2011

No Longer Man's Best Friend

Thrashing Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. In the news, a man was duck hunting when he laid his shotgun down in the boat to set up decoys. His dog apparently stepped on his shotgun which then went off, Cheney'ing his @ss with 27 pellets of birdshot. I'm going to step out on a limb and say the dog needs to find a new home.

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I'm well aware of how crazy the Twihard crowd can get, but this just takes the cake. The wedding cake, that is. Twilight fans are swamping wedding dress boutiques across the country, faking engagements so that they can try on the replica of Bella's wedding dress that is now available. Again, I'm going out on a limb to guess that the vast majority of those twihards faking engagements won't be seeing any real engagements anytime soon.

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Katherine Heigl hates balls. She really hates balls. Don't just take my word for it... see for yourself.

And now it's time for... WHY SIRI, WHY??!

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And now, for today's (Impersonation) FAIL: (though she gets an "A" for effort)

crazy parenting fails - Such Vile Trickery!
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And for today's WIN. I really really want to do this. Who's with me? I could probably do the drinking game just from memory. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...

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Hey, WTF?!! Am I the only one here that's terrified of Celebration Bowels?

sketchy santa fails - Anatomy of a Santa
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And that's all the time I have for today. Celebrate your own American Christmas Devil and until tomorrow...

George Washington had no money to get to his own inauguration

When it was announced that George Washington had won the election and had become the first President of the United States, he had no way of getting to his inauguration!

Since Washington was not very wealthy, he asked his neighbor, Thomson Mason, to borrow $600 to get to the inauguration in New York. When Washington became the President in 1789, he refused to accept the salary of $25,000 a year! In his lifetime, Washington also rejected handshakes! He preferred bowing at the waist as a sign of respect.



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