Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Kitteh

With the crazy holidays, I'm totally off my normal routine, with less time to blog. But rather than leave you hanging, I figured I'd share with you a little about what's going on in my personal life. But not too personal. Just slightly personal.

Remember Breaking Dawn weekend? Where Spank flew out to spend the weekend and we had more fun than should be legal? As promised, the police were involved. Again. Okay, maybe this time it wasn't our fault. Someone left a bomb on the bus outside the theater and police closed off the two main streets outside. So when Spank went outside to smoke, the police told her she wasn't allowed to be outside due to the bomb on the bus. Of course Spank complied, AFTER she asked the policeman to take a picture with her.

Well I also neglected to mention the party favor she flew home with... one of my cats. That's right. She and her kids needed a cat, and I had the perfect cat for them. Ollie (short for Ollivander). Here's Seamus holding him. He's a Ragdoll. (the cat, not Seamus)

Here's Spank's first meeting with Ollie. It was love at first sight. I think he looks like an Ewok there.

Now that Ollie is home with his new family, he is getting spoiled silly. He even has his own Facebook page. Thankfully he accepted my friend request.

But I entrusted my cat to her care, and then she goes and does this to him...

I couldn't be more proud. Because here's another picture of him when he still lived with us.

What a beautiful adoption story. She adopted my kitty. I think that makes Spank and I lesbian co-parents once (or twice) removed. *shrugs* We're so happy for you, Ollie!! You deserve to be spoiled, you little love muffin!!!

So you know what that means, right? There a kitty space open at the G-family home! Okay, not really. We do have 5 inside cats and 2 outside cats. I'd say we are pretty maxed out on cats. But 3 weeks ago my oldest and I were at Petsmart and we saw this hilarious kitten sleeping against the glass. He looked broken and was fogging up the glass with his nose. So I took a picture. I made a note of his card & name and saw that he was with his sister.

Then Monday night my oldest and I ran to Petsmart again. And we saw the exact same kitty! Except his sister had been adopted without him, and the card said he loves being with other kitties. And then he started to do this...

Seriously, how could you turn THAT down?!! He's half Maine Coon and 100% gingerrific. We're meeting his foster mother at Petsmart on Saturday. If she likes us... we will get to adopt him. After this, I'm fairly certain Mr. G will revoke my pet store visiting privileges.



  1. My weekend in LA was da bomb. No really... there was a bomb. She's not kidding. But I had NOTHING to do with it. Even though I had a lighter and was standing dangerously close. I just had a little gas. But no bomb.

    ~ Spank

  2. SO many faces to love in this post!!!

  3. LOL awesome post!

    Next cat- A Savannah!

  4. I love your PotentialNewKitteh!!!!

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