Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So, remember the time I was accused by an African Liberation group of being a spy for the Ethiopian government? No? Well here you go... I originally posted this on my personal blog (ilovepurplemorethanyou.com) in November of 2007.

Guess who is suspected of being a government spy? Yep, yours truly. I’m suspected of being a spy for the Ethiopian government. I’m not making this up.

This past July, an online group was started for adoptive parents of Ethiopian children that belonged to a specific ethnic group. Now there are more than 70 ethnic groups within the country of Ethiopia, each with their own languages, history and culture. This particular group was started with the intention to educate the adoptive parents about the history/culture of one specific ethnic group. My daughter belongs to this particular ethnic group, so of course I eagerly joined. And being the nosey person that I am, I asked lots and lots of questions about my daughter’s people. So much so that the three men who represented this ethnic group became a little annoyed with me.

Now these men are a little political, and seem to have anger issues, but many of us parents figured it would be no problem as long as they kept their political views to themselves and provided us with information about their culture.

At the end of this summer, I mentioned in a post that our agency has a yearly reception for the orphanage director and how this year an Ethiopian government official was accompanying him to see how adoption works from this end and to see how the children are doing in their new families. We had a wonderful time at the reception and Marshall and I arranged for their sight-seeing the following day. We found the men to be very ethical, very wonderful men and we exchanged email addresses with them for future contact. It just so happens this government official belongs to the same ethnic group as my daughter does (and these seemingly slightly political men).

So I thought to myself... “How Cool!” I’ll mention that I met this very nice government official in my online group and see if these men know him. I bet they do, since they’re from the same ethnic group. And wouldn’t you know it, they DO know him. In fact, the mere mention of his name prompted them to go on a raging rant, informing me that he’s their political enemy. And I’m not talking democrat/republican enemies.. I’m talking North/South during the American Civil War enemies. Oops. Stepped in it big, I did. Ok, Ok. Well after being smacked in the face with the reality of the situation, I very politely requested to stay out of the politics, which they agreed... for about a day.

It seems from that point on, the group became more and more about pushing their political agenda and less about history/culture. Those three men were flooding our group with political propaganda that they themselves had written. And they all had aliases. And I was starting to think they were a little more than “slightly” political. And I kinda see now why they were kicked out of the country. I realized their political drive is a little less “slightly” and a little closer to “extreme”. Turns out they are part of a Liberation group. In our group they did not mention the name of their political group or any of their plans, though their group is listed on their website. I’m thinking “Liberation” doesn’t sound so good. Especially since they despise and don’t want to be associated with anything about typical Ethiopian culture. They want no part of a unified Ethiopian society.

These men are filled with hate and I’m apparently a new target. For a while I was either not getting a response to my questions or the response was short in length and short in tone. I just thought these guys were still bugged by me asking so many questions about this ethnic group. Well this week, after I posted a message in support of our very ethical agency, the group owner wrote what he thought was a private message to the moderator. It said, “(moderator’s name), watch this lady!” But silly him, he accidentally sent it publicly to the entire group, including to my little email inbox. In another post he sent publicly, he demanded to know where my motivations were coming from and whether I was representing the agency (which he thinks is a government agency) or the adoptive parents. I was still clueless about why he was so suspicious of me.

A private talk with a few people enlightened me to the fact that I’ve been associated with this government official ever since I first mentioned meeting him in the group. Those men believe I’m a spy, waiting to pass any information I hear in the group back to the government official. Little ole me. A spy for the Ethiopian Government.

I wish I would have known this last week. I could have had the perfect Halloween costume. Hey, if I can cram my carseats into it, do I get to drive the super spy fast car? And where’s my super spy super paycheck? Or at the very least, I want my super spy action doll. (with red hair, of course. freckles optional)

On a side note, in defense of these angry & paranoid men, I have not been through what they have been through and they have a right to their own beliefs and feelings Who am I kidding? I’m not about to defend these silly hateful guys. Get over your hate, men. Move on to something productive. Start watching “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.” Every day. All day.

**UPDATE** After I left their group, I had a little spy of my own inside their group letting me know they read my blog, posted it and responded to it angrily, questioning my mental health. Well, that's a no-brainer. I question my mental health as well.

But one thing is for sure... I am not a spy. Or am I? O_o


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  1. Reason no. 6,342 why I love you - You told them to watch The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

    ~ Spank

  2. I don't know the background of the "silly hateful" guys or their "hateful" rants, but as a fellow Ethiopian who has lived under the current dictator I do feel bad for those guys. Meles is a brutal dictator and political dissent and opposition are not tolerated.
    It's hard to understand what it's like if you've never lived in the country, or had a family member be tortured or murdered because of their political beliefs differed from those of the government or be accused as a "disrupter of democracy."
    But with that said I do like your blog and your children are adorable.

  3. Tigist,
    You make a very good point, and I'm well aware that Ethiopia is not a democracy and that people have been tortured/murdered under Meles. It's very sad. My problem was when these men made me their target and accused me of being a spy, when I was nothing but pleasant to them and only wanted to know as much about my daughter's heritage as I could. It really was ridiculous for them to go after me. So I dealt with it the way I deal with most things, with humor. I very much appreciate you leaving a comment and sharing your feelings on this. Amesegenallo. :)