Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Siri, the Mediator

Wilty Wednesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Have you heard of the rare ginger monkey that was just born at the London Zoo? They're trying to keep it in isolation so the other monkeys don't tease it. Ok I made that last part up, but LOOK HOW CUTE THAT BABY MONKEY IS!!! Ginger Seal Pup? What Ginger Seal Pup? Look at that baby ginger monkey!


Here’s some new photos of a three-week-old rare ginger monkey baby born at the London Zoo. Let us all now look at these photos of a three-week-old ginger monkey baby at the London Zoo. IT’S A THREE-WEEK-OLD GINGER MONKEY BABY AT THE LONDON ZOO. IT’S BABY MONKEY GINGER ZOO PHOTOS THREE-WEEKS-OLD MONKEY BABY AAHHfFWFWF NWLFJNWF!!!!!!

(Pics via Splash News)

In celebrity news, Daniel Craig AKA that hot guy in Tomb Raider James Bond, had some harsh words for the Kardashians, specifically stating that they were paid millions for acting like idiots on television. I think I just fell in love with him even more.

Source: toofab

Which of you guys has an iPhone 4S? Do you love Siri? I make her call me "My Best Friend" just to facilitate a false sense of intimacy between us. #truestory Anyway, check out this hilarious parody of a husband/wife fight using Siri as the mediator.

**Warning: This is NSFW due to strong language. If that bothers you, don't watch it.

And now for today's FAIL! Or should that be a WIN, because that made me laugh. Should I be worried they also have a Florida State sticker on their car? *does the Seminole Chop* Sorry, it's involuntary.

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And now for today's WIN...

epic win photos - Logo Design WIN
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Hey, WTF?!! I guess that means there's a future for my kids after all. I'm proud to have started them on their way.

wtf photos videos - The Strangest Job I've Ever Seen
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And that's all the time I have for today. Shove your own nose in someone else's armpit and give them some feedback. Until tomorrow then...

You can always see your nose but your brain ignores it

Other weird facts about your nose:

• There are at least 14 different nose shapes!

• The way you sneeze is genetic, which means it passes on from generation to generation!

• Your nose can detect over 10,000 different smells and scents!

• It’s impossible to hum while your nose is plugged!



1 comment:

  1. I have two comments today.

    1) Balls, James Balls. I absolutely LOVE this man for saying this: "you... shows us the placenta and now you want some privacy?" <-- #winning

    Like when another Bachelorette "engagement" goes south and they ask us to respect their privacy. Really because you MET, FALL IN FAUX LOVE AND GOT ENGAGED ON THE TELEVISION!

    So infuriating... *hides my People and US magazines so I don't sound like a hypocrite who complains while fully invested in every move these faux celebrities make*

    *clears my throat*

    Two... The marital spat via Siri was absolutely the BEST thing I have seen. I know... I know... I said that with yesterday's video but this time I mean it.

    ... until tomorrow.


    ~ Spank