Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Helicopter Over Hawaii

Wicked Wednesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Why wicked? Because today we fly home from Hawaii after our 10 day stay. Are you tired of looking at my vacation pictures yet? Don't worry, today is the last day for that.

Yesterday we took the kids on a 2 hour helicopter tour over the island and volcanoes. Even though we had to get them up at 5am, they didn't complain one bit and were excited the entire time. Possibly because we threatened them with bodily harm if they took a nap during their very expensive tour. Totally kidding, we bribed them with candy if they stayed awake. Not kidding.

Here we are flying near Kilauea crater. This is the one spouting out all the poisonous gas.

Now over to another volcano (I forgot its name). Something Hawaiian sounding.

There were several spots of fresh lava. Hard for my shiny new iPhone to pick up the orange lava color, but it was definitely there, and cool to see.

Amazing to see how lava can just flow around a group of trees, leaving them intact while everything else is destroyed.

This guy (tiny little square is his house) is the only one in the whole subdivision whose house survived the lava flow. Now he lives a life of solitude. If he needs supplies, he has to walk across the lava into the nearest town. The helicopter pilot said he's a very nice guy.

Next we flew to the other side of the island, where everything was green.

And even flew down into this valley, that's not accessible by any other means. That was amazing, and there were a number of waterfalls inside.

Then we flew along the coast.

More waterfalls.

At the end of the trip, Mr. G and Seamus were having a blast playing with the microphone. (thankfully while it was turned off)

And that's all for today. Sorry I neglected to get any pictures during Mr. G's and my 2 hour deep tissue massage/hot tub experience. And now... I must pack. Don't cry for me, Argentina. I will cry enough for myself to leave this beautiful place. Aloha. (the one that means goodbye)


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  1. Yay! I 'm so happy you survived! Siri and I were praying for your safe return....but that doesn't mean much since Siri needs and exorcist and God doesn't love me as much as he loves you.

    Hope you brought me back a souvenir *cough cough, stolen lava rock, cough cough* ;-)