Thursday, November 10, 2011

Exercising Kitteh

Thick Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. We're nearing the time of the holidays and the over-eating. Are you making plans to eat healthy? If so, why the heck so? Save it until January 1st. That's what this guy did, at the beginning of this year. His wife challenged him to lose weight, and in just over 10 months, he's lost nearly 200 pounds. That sounds like a really, really miserable 10 months, if you ask me.

Source: huffingtonpost

Or, you can follow the diet of Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima, who recently revealed her regimen for getting ready for a fashion show. For the 9 days leading up to the show, she works out twice a day and drinks protein shakes (no solids), as well as up to a gallon of water a day. Two days prior to the show she drinks only when necessary. Twelve hours prior to the show she cuts out all water, having nothing to eat or drink.

Suddenly being a Victoria Secret "Angel" has been erased off my list of things to accomplish.

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You know what I'd rather do? I'd rather exercise with my cat. You heard me. My idea of a weight loss/exercise routine can be found in CatFlexing. But uh... if you (like me) have multiple cats to choose from, you may want to pick one of the declawed cats as your exercise partner. Where are you, Kitty Softpaws?? Mama wants to exercise!!!

Seriously? Check out the size of that woman's fuzz. She must be Armenian or something. *looks over at Jamie, then runs for my life*

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And now, for today's FAIL. Other than the obvious fact that the tissue hole looks like Uranus, do you really want to put your cute baby's picture on that tissue holder?

"When you use our bathroom tonight, be sure to look at our new tissue holder with sweet Johnnny's picture and how it looks like he vomits up tissues for you to use! Isn't it just the sweetest thing?"

epic fail photos - Cute Home Decor FAIL
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And now for today's WIN!!! As a homeschool teacher, I would totally give extra points if my kids wrote/drew this. Extra points if they drew a picture from Star Wars, episodes IV-VI. I'd subtract points if they included any pictures from episodes I-III.

epic win photos - Platypus WIN
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Hey, WTF?!! Does she think by tattooing this on her body, she can be sold for a higher price? Because if that's the case, she needs to be pimp slapped. Or her pimp needs to be slapped.

Pure Luxury
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And that's all the time I have for today. Hey, did you hear I'm starting a new blog with a girl named Jamie? I might have mentioned it. I don't really care if you care about Natural Products or chemicals in your products (I don't really care about them), but you need to check out the blog anyway. See? That's what's going to be so fun about it. Because Jamie cares but I don't! Our first reviewed product goes live on Monday. Have you read our stories to see where we're coming from? Have you started following it yet? WHY IN THE HECK NOT? Do you want to join our blogroll? Just tell me, and I'll add you! Go ahead and check out Mommy Hates Chemicals. And until tomorrow... no Banzai skydiving for you.

Banzai skydivers jump out of the plane without a parachute!

As if jumping out of a plane wasn't enough thrill, there's a new trend in Japan where people jump out of an airplane without having a parachute!

It's called Banzai Skydiving. What they do is parachuters throw the parachute out of the airplane first, then dive after it! Their hope is that they can catch it, put it on and pull the parachute before they die.

This dangerous sport was highlighted as one of the crazy things people do to get on the Guinness World Records. The editor decided to keep it in. The Guinness World Records will reject records that endanger people other than the record setter. They decided that this only endangered the parachuter.



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