Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Muppets

Theatrical Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Who else will be at the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn tonight? *raises hand* Spank, Kkjordan and Jamie will all be joining me for a weekend of Twilight debauchery. It will be epic, and it's likely the police will be involved. Again. Oh and that's why I won't be posting here on Friday. I anticipate I will be sleeping it all off on Friday and will be in no shape to blog. Though maybe I can talk Spank into giving you a quick review of the movie for Monday's post. *crosses fingers*

So have you seen the promos for the new Muppets Movie? The marketing geniuses revealed Breaking Dawn spoof posters. I think just because of that I'll go see the movie. The Muppets movie, which stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams opens just 5 days after Breaking Dawn, on November 23rd.

Finally the one thing I've always been wanting to try (not really). The world's most expensive tea, made with Panda poo. You know someone's going to buy it just because it's the most expensive tea in the world, but seriously people? The Chinese professor who has produced the tea says the Panda poo gives it extra nutrients because they have a very poor digestive system and most of the nutrients & fiber pass through their bodies into their poo. Uh... so can you just add the nutrients and fiber without the Panda digestive system? You know, cut out the middle man?

It is said to have a very distinctive aroma while brewing. I'll bet it does.

World's Most Expensive Tea Made with Panda Poop

By John Farrier in Food & Drink, Living on Nov 14, 2011 at 5:02 am

An Yashi, a professor at Sinchuan University in China, has produced tea which is fertilized with panda droppings. At $80,000 per kilogram, it’ll be the most expensive tea in the world when it reaches the market. Yashi claims that it’s worth the price because of special health benefits:

“Pandas have a very poor digestive system and only absorb about 30 percent of everything they eat. That means their excrement is rich in fibres and nutrients,” he told Chinese website

“It has a mature, nutty taste and a very distinctive aroma while it’s brewing.”

He also believes there are serious health benefits to the drink.

“Just like green tea, bamboo contains an element that can prevent cancer, and enhance green tea’s anti-cancer effects, if it is used as fertilizer for the tea,” the professor said

Link -via Born Rich | Photo: Flickr user Danforth1

In Bieber Baby Drama Mama news, it seems Justin Bieber's lawyer called Mariah Yeater's lawyers and said they will not only sue Mariah, but sue the lawyers too. So the lawyers quit and the suit was dropped. Mariah, don't mess with the Bieber.

Source: TMZ

What in the flim flam?! Can someone please tell me why Lady Gaga has a giant sperm on her head?

Source: dlisted

And now for today's FAIL... though if you're a midget, this ATM is a WIN.

epic fail  - ATM Placement FAIL
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And for today's WIN! A present in honor of Justin Timberlake... in a box.

epic win photos - Special Present WIN
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Hey, WTF?!! Finally, your dream man is here.

Your Future Husband from Bradley Jackson on Vimeo.

And that's all the time I have for today. I need to go take a nap so I can put on my game face (or my drunk face) for Breaking Dawn's opening tonight. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the ridiculously loud headboard breaking. I will do my best to keep the giggling to a minimum. Have a Razzle Dazzle weekend, I'll probably be back on Monday. Maybe. Unless I'm still recovering from the weekend.

A Japanese soldier from the World War 2 hid in a cave for 28 years!

Soichi Yokoi was sent to the island of Guam as part of a Japanese regiment in 1943. In 1944, American forces captured Guam, and Yokoi went into hiding with 10 other soldiers!

When the war ended, leaflest were thrown around announcing the achieved peace. However, Yokoi thought this was just allied propaganda, so he stayed in hiding until 1972. He had survived hunting at night and using native plants for clothes, bed and storage.

When he finally returned to Japan, he became a minor celebrity and advocate of austere living. He received back pay of $300! He also received a small pension. Despite his tardiness, he was the third to last Japanese soldier to surrender.




  1. Bought tickets to the midnight show 20 minutes ago.

    Have had 2 contractions since then.

    Not. Funny.

  2. And cops WERE involved. LMFAO! Miss you already. xoxo Spank