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Flirtatious Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps. I'm a bit past my usual midnight (Pacific Time) post because I'm trying to figure out this Klout thing. *sigh* Anyone want to fill me in (in plain english) in 3 sentences or less on WTF I'm supposed to be doing with it? I did just use my first perk, which was to get 100 free Moo cards (business/contact cards) and only paid $5 shipping. Mr. G uses these cards so I already know they're awesome. AND apparently I'm able to share this with all of you if you click the link. (you might have to sign up for Klout too, but it's super easy and definitely worth the free Moo cards) CLICK HERE to claim them.

Now on to the news... Apparently Ryan Harris suffers with a condition called sexsomnia, where he bumps uglies with his wife while he's sleeping and has no memory of it in the morning. His wife remembers it though!! They had been having trouble conceiving and were about to start fertility treatments when she got pregnant from one of his sexsomnia sessions. Apparently he's more potent when he's relaxed (and asleep). I know all the guys are feeling sorry for the guy who gets it regularly and has no memory of it in the morning.

Sleep Sex: Ryan And Dee Harris Says They Conceived During Husband's Sexsomnia

A couple's 16-month-old son was created thanks to sexsomnia, at least according to a British tabloid.

The Sun reports that Ryan and Dee Harris conceived their son Lincoln on a night that Ryan had sex with Dee while he was unconscious.

The couple had been desperately trying to have a baby for 18 months before the magic night of sleep sex.

Speaking of pregnancies, the world's worst kept secret is the pregnancy of Jessica Simpson. But she's keeping tight lipped on that pregnancy until she reaches a deal with a mazagine that will pay her around 1/2 a million buckaroos for the story. Nice way to milk your newborn. Hey, I wonder if she would consider giving birth publicly for a Street Art Exhibit. I bet for the right amount of money she would.

Jessica Simpson Reportedly Waiting to Confirm Pregnancy With High-Paying Magazine Deal

Published October 20, 2011

| New York Post

Jessica Simpson is pregnant, but she wouldn’t confirm anything to anyone until she had a magazine deal -- for a fee of up to a half-million dollars.

Sources told Page Six that Simpson, with the help of her father/manager, Joe Simpson, refused to say she is expecting until she had a deal in place. The singer/fashion designer and mentor on NBC’s “Fashion Star” had been shopping a deal to the celebrity weeklies to announce the news and sell the eventual baby photos.

We’re told the Simpsons were asking up to $500,000 to close the deal.

Click here for more photos of Jessica Simpson

And Jessica has been hiding an obvious bump in recent photos to keep showbiz’s worst kept secret. Last night OK! posted the cover story, “Yes, I’m Having A Baby.”

Jessica is engaged to former NFL star Eric Johnson, but the wedding date hasn’t been revealed.

“We’re enjoying our commitment to each other,” Simpson said recently. “We want to take our time ... We might elope if it gets to that point.” A rep for Simpson had no comment.

Click here to read the full report from the New York Post.

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore's marriage may be on the outs with rumors flying of repeated infidelities, but I think I found someone who would be willing to overlook that character flaw...

I wonder if she realizes that's permanent.

This Is Your Ashton Kutcher Fangirl Tattoo

Looking good, girl! Looking great. I think the best part about tattoos is how they are FOREVER. No one can take this tattoo away from you now. So smart. Right under this tattoo you should get another tattoo that says “I’m a genius,” and under that tattoo you should get one that says “All my ideas are perfect,” and under that tattoo you should get a tramp stamp of a butterfly with bullet wings. You’re beautiful in every single way and that is why Christina Aguilera wrote a song about you*. (Via E!)

And now, a PSA from me. GO TOUCH YOUR BOOBIES. Yes, right now, while you're watching this video. Go ahead, I'll wait. (if you don't have access to YouTube at work, check back and watch this when you get home. It's worth it.)

Thanks @kkjordan!

And now, for today's Autocorrect FAIL

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Gender-Neutral Football Game
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And today's regular FAIL.

epic fail photos - Handling Advice FAIL
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And how about a Business Name WIN!!!

epic win photos - Store Name WIN
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Hey, WTF??!! I'm still waiting to hear of any creative pumpkin displays. I remember a few years ago I carved an elaborate pirate ship into a pumpkin. It took me SIX HOURS. It looked awesome, but I was sore for days and the next year I bought one of those plug-in plastic pumpkins. Not sure I'm ready to do carving again anytime soon.

wtf photos videos - FATALITY!
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And that's all the time I have for today, folks. I bet today's OMG Fact you didn't know. And it's a good thing gay people are no longer asking us to call them homophiles. Because that word is sooo gay. Have yourselves a gay weekend, touch your boobies, and I'll see you bright and early Monday morning. Unless I'm too lazy to blog on Sunday. But most likely I'll be there. Probably. Maybe.

Gay people in the 1950’s tried to get people to call them homophiles instead of homosexuals.

main reason behind it was that the word “homophile” places more
emphasis on the same-sex aspect of love, instead of the same-sex
emphasis of “homosexuality”

the 1950’s the term was commonly used but the term began to disappear
with the emergence of the Gay Liberation movement in the early 1970’s.
Eventually the word became phase out and replaced by today’s new set of
terminology: “gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender”.


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