Thursday, October 27, 2011


Theatrical Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. I'm afraid there won't be much of a post today, and I'll tell you why.

Because tonight we walked in the Apple Store in Waikiki and *just for giggles* asked the sales guy if they had any iPhone4S's. (yeah right, like they would have any, since there are NONE in any of the Apple or AT&T stores in Los Angeles, and just this morning I got an email from AT&T saying they would ship my phone in 28 days. TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS.

Me: "You don't happen to have any iPhone4S's right now, do you?"

Sales Guy: "What carrier?"

Me: "AT&T"

Sales Guy: "Let me check. What model were you looking for?"

Me: "32GB Black"

Sales Guy: *goes to check, then comes back* "We have the 64GB in White."

Me: "I'll take it!"

So the sales guy very patiently waited while I called AT&T on my phone and canceled my order, so that he could sell me the iPhone4S in his hand. Which is now in MY HAND.

This is the store my new iPhone came from. I actually hugged the sales guy. #truestory

And since Mr. Ginger let me get the 64 GB iPhone4S, it was only fair that I let him get the new MacBook Pro. (yet another reason why a "youngest child" should not marry another "youngest child".)

Mr. G: "You want the new iPhone?"

Me: "Yes!"

Mr. G: "Okay, you can have it."

Me: "Yay! You want the new MacBook Pro?"

Mr. G: "Yes!"

Me: "Sweet!"

Mr. G: "SWEET!"

Oh and one last thing... on the Mainland, when you buy a phone at the discounted price, you pay tax on the full retail price of the phone. But in Hawaii, you pay tax on the DISCOUNTED price of the phone. Also, since their tax is 1/2 what it is in Los Angeles, between my teacher discount and Hawaii tax, we paid $500 less for Mr. G's MacBook Pro alone. You know what that means, right?

Next time they come out with new iPhones and MacBooks, we need to fly to Hawaii to buy them. #youngestchildlogic



  1. I freaking LOVE your logic! #iamalsoayoungestchild

    ~ Spank

  2. well...your savings could pay for at least a plane ticket :-)

  3. Well, your "youngest child" logic is starting to explain so much in my marriage. I am a middle child. Hubs is the youngest. EVERYthing is becoming clear now:)