Monday, October 10, 2011

Microwave Games - Thank god America still rewards people who miss their objectives by thousands of miles

Murderous Monday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Speaking of *murderous*, Happy Columbus Day! Question: Can I be completely opposed to celebrating a day honoring a dude who is responsible for the deaths of twice the amount that Hitler was, and still take the day off Homeschooling my kids? (please say yes)

In the news, a munchkin cat in San Diego made the World's Shortest Cat title in the Guinness Book of World Records at six inches in height. I want a munchkin cat.

Source: huffpost

Speaking of, we got back from Yosemite on Saturday and then picked up our new cat on Sunday. No, not the new cat I flew to Orlando to get. ANOTHER new cat. (this is the last one, I swear.) And this new one is #8. But 3 of our cats are outside only, so it's more like we have 5 cats and we throw food and water at 3 outside cats. Oh who am I kidding, they all get check-ups and shots. We have 8 cats. I'm the Crazy Cat Lady.

The newest one is a Sphynx kitten and the friendliest kitten ever. Seriously, this was her on the 2 hour drive home. What kind of new cat acts like this in the car with strangers??

I'm seriously in love with little Tonks.

In other news, Arnold Schwarzenegger (sidenote: I learned how to spell his last name at a very young age since I grew up obsessed with him) traveled to his hometown in Austria for the opening of an Arnold Schwarzenegger museum, complete with a very large bronze statue of him. Why is he touching his own buns? I don't know. I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't do the same if I were ever standing next to his statue. I know, I know... he's a douchebag. But I somehow can't bring myself to dislike him. Just like Jackie Chan. (who fathered a child with someone other than his wife) Yep, they both get free passes from me. I think they were drugged or something. Or their cheating was accidental. No one else gets a free pass. Except Nathan Fillion, if he cheats on someone in the future. Anyone else who cheats is dead to me.

Source: TMZ

In other cheating, husband-stealing news, Leann Rimes wants us all to stop saying she's too skinny and is again saying she doesn't have an eating disorder. I believe her. I think she's just preparing for her Halloween costume, which will obviously be dressing up like a skeleton.

Source: DListed

Why did I not know about this before? Once I get my hands on this, my dentist will never chastise me for not flossing again.

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And now for today's FAIL. Or is it a WIN? *runs to Friendly's for a sammich*

epic fail photos - A Little More Than Friendly FAIL
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FYI: The University of Minnesota wants everyone to stop masturbating in their showers.

O_o *gag*

 - Mario HATES It When He Gets Stuck In The Pipes
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And now, for today's WIN. Where was this when my kids were in strollers??!

epic win photos - Stroller WIN
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Hey, WTF??!! This book is perfect for doing homeschool science with the kids.

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And that's all the time I have for today. Grab yourself a hamster and a microwave, and I'll meet you back here same time, same place tomorrow. Until then, here's something you should know...

It’s illegal to serve margarine instead of butter in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin, which is known for its dairy products like butter, actually banned the sale or use of margarine colored to look like butter back in 1895. The law wasn’t repealed until 1967 after a Wisconsin State Senator and butter enthusiast underwent a blind taste test and discovered that margarine tasted better.

From 1967 until now, it’s still been illegal to serve margarine as a replacement for butter in diners. Breaking this law is punishable by up to 3 months in jail, though that’s never been enforced. The law also requires that butter be served in Wisconsin’s schools and at state institutions, including prisons.



  1. Wisconsin is doing this for population control by enforcing clogged arteries from excessive butter consumption.

  2. OMG LeeAnn Rimes! So scary and sad :(

  3. I have lost track of these posts. I'm catching up now.

    LeAnn Rimes! The is so ugly...UGLY blah.

    Minn. Has thousands of dollars of semen related charges? That is a lot of masturbating in the showers! I didn't even know that that was a cool thing to do in school...

    margarine is disgusting and worse for you than butter. Go Wisconsin!