Monday, October 31, 2011


Mahalo Monday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Yesterday we left the island of Oahu and flew to the Big Island of Hawaii. Some things I learned about Oahu:

1. Oahu's economy relies mostly on Japanese tourism. My very unscientific estimation of Japanese tourists vs. non-Japanese tourists in October was 90%. With the exception of Pearl Harbor, where very few Japanese tourists visit. (according to the Pearl Harbor gift shop staff) There are however a lot of Chinese tourists at Pearl Harbor who then get loud and scoff at us making such a big deal over 2000+ Americans being killed by Japanese, when so many more Chinese lost their lives to Japan during their war.

2. Oahu is SO dependent on Japanese tourism that when the Japan earthquake and tsunami hit, Oahu worried it would negatively affect their economy. However, the number of Japanese tourists actually increased, due to the large number of Japanese who were trying to escape Japan following the national disasters.

3. Almost all signs, restrooms, menus, etc. are in both English and Japanese due to the high number of Japanese tourists.

And that concludes our lesson. For we have left the island of beautiful views... the island of the Japanese tourists... the island of the Smoke Monster... the island of the High End stores and insane amount of traffic... for the slow, beautiful dried lava pace of the Big Island.

We're leaving behind publicly mating pigeons...

And replacing them with beautiful Hawaiian cocks...

Leaving behind views like this...

And replacing them with views like this (from our new balcony):

It's the land of the dried lava, people!!! Today we will visit the Volcano National Park. (and will see lots and lots of dry lava)

Oh and we did bring along these three crazy kids with us to the Big Island as well...

Oh and one more thing... did you know that they have a Target here? But I bet your Target doesn't say Mahalo (thank you) when you finish paying like this one.

And sell things like this:

And Spam stress squishy cans...

Until tomorrow, everyone... Aloha! (the one that means goodbye)



  1. I wonder if the Japanese tourists in HI are suffering occasional cases of Paris Syndrome? Or maybe it's called Hawaii Syndrome over there...let me say for the 1000th time that I am majorly jealous and annoyed at your current geographic location, your Apple phone and the fact that you are just generally having an awesome time. Happy Halloween and (seriously) I hope you are enjoying yourself!

  2. The look on H's face is priceless. Total badass. ;)

    ~ Spank