Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Normal Celebrities

Winking Wednesday to you all, my little gingersnaps! How's your hump day going? Me? I'm starting the homeschool year today. And this year my youngest is starting school which means I have THREE kids. I'll let you know how that goes. If you don't hear from me the rest of the week, I might be drugged up, laying down in the fetal position, unable to blog or teach. But enough of me, on to the news...

An Ohio man was arrested for having sex with his neighbor's pool raft. Really? REALLY? He couldn't get his own inflatable raft? This is the same state where the guy stole the semi-truck and crashed & dashed at the sex store. What's up with the freaky deaky Ohioans? For this, I think we should take away some of their electoral votes and give them to some of the states who don't have very many. Just one of the many things I will do when I'm supreme ruler of the world, people. #GingerForPresident

Source: huffpostnews

You may notice the title of this post. Now, I honestly believe "Normal Celebrities" is an oxymoron. But for whatever reason, I'm not seeing any crazy celebrity behavior worth making fun of lately. Let's hope that changes real soon. Until then, I'll have to show you videos like this... (yes it's another cat video, but I assure you it's unlike any of the other cat videos I've shown)

Medal of Honor Cat

And now for today's FAIL!!! Hey, if you can make music by blowing on glass bottles, why can't you make music with guns?

epic fail photos - Musical Instrument FAIL
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And for today's WIN. (om nom nom)

epic win photos - Om Nom Nom WIN
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Some cute family decided to get a photo shoot done. Apparently this photographer likes to think outside the box. I think this photographer needs to stop thinking outside the box.

Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

Hey, WTF??!! Stop raising your eyebrows at me, young lady! *hands you washcloth*

fashion fail - So Startled Right Now
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And that's all the time I have for today. Gotta teach my kids some stuff. Or maybe I should just give them computers and teach them how to Google every answer they need to know in life. Yeah that sounds good. Until tomorrow then...

Jesus is mentioned in the Koran more often than Muhammad.

Jesus’ name appears 25 times in the Koran, while the name “Muhammad” shows up only 5 times. Jesus’ name in the Koran is actually either “Eesa” or “Īsā”. The Koran also refers to Jesus by various titles: Son of Mary, Messenger of Allah, and Messiah. Muhammad also claimed that he met Jesus when he visited heaven. Belief in Jesus is required in Islam, though in Islamic tradition Jesus is not divine or the son of God.



  1. Actually, I like the picture of the baby hanging upside down- and she doesn't seem to mind, either.
    We had a family in our church submit a picture of the family for the church directory. They have 4 kids and in the photo the baby was held upside down over the dad's head. The really funny part is that they had the picture printed upside down in the directory so the baby was right side up, and every one else was upside down.

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  3. The boob-munching photo is awesome!

    A good friend recently got the Awkward Family Photo book for his birthday. We spent hours laughing at it!

    Good luck with your homeschooling. We're thinking about you. xoxo