Monday, September 26, 2011

Made More Red

Minty Monday to you all, my little gingersnaps. You know what I did this weekend? I made more red. No I didn't conceive and give birth to a ginger. (that would be ambitious for a weekend project) BUT, my almost 12 year old son Haven (yes I picked the name first, Jessica Alba!), who is an almost-ginger, revealed to me this weekend that he has always wanted to dye his hair red so he could be a ginger like me. When I say he's an almost-ginger, this is what his hair would look like while in bright sun...

And you might think he's a little ginger-ish. But once you get him indoors, his hair looks light brown. All traces of ginger gone. (see below)

Now I'm the mom who let her Ethiopian daughter get a purple streak in her hair so she could match me. Who am I to deny a perfectly reasonable request from one of my kids to become a "ginger by choice"? Especially since he already has the ginger complexion and freckles. So this is what we did this weekend...

And afterwards...

And he thinks it's awesome that he's now a ginger. He asked if there was a way to make his hair permanently red. (sadly no) So that is my beautiful boy who chose to become a ginger boy because he thinks it's cool to be unique. Take that, International Sperm Bank and your gingerism.

That's it. I've been gingspired. I'm taking over the world and I won't stop until everyone is a ginger. Or at least until everyone loves a ginger.


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  1. I got my hair done today and I was telling my hairstylist about the sperm bank. A girl peered over the front desk (a ginger girl) and said "I heard about that! It made me so mad!" Now I've told her to spread the news of your ingenious plan to wear wigs and donate sperm. She loved the idea!

    Oh and Haven is a prime example of why homeschooling is so awesome. Clearly red looks good on him and he's embracing it. Public school kids might have taken the wine out of his ginger sails. #mobmentality