Friday, September 9, 2011

In Case of Emergency, Read My Tattoos

Flatulence-Filled Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Any special plans for the weekend? None for me except perhaps shooting the neighbor dog so I can sleep in. What? I'm talking about shooting her with a tranquilizer dart. Nothing fatal, of course. That I'd admit in public anyway.

In the news, an 81 year old retired nurse got the words "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed on her chest. That's one way to make sure your family doesn't accidentally misplace your DNR order. And just in case she happens to be laying on her stomach, she had P.T.O. (please turn over) with an arrow tattooed on her back. You know, I think this lady is on to something. Perhaps this can replace those annoying medical bracelets people with severe medication allergies have to wear. Just tattoo your allergies to your wrist... maybe put a little flower wreath around it. Brilliant.

Maybe I should get "Redhead, keep out of direct sunlight" tattooed on my wrist. Yes?

Source: boingboing via misterperturbed

So Lauren Bush (niece of former President Bush) and David Lauren (son of Ralph Lauren) tied the knot over the weekend in a lavish ceremony. And while I think she's missing the perfect opportunity to have "Lauren Lauren" as her legal name, she is choosing to go by "Lauren Bush-Lauren".

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Twi-tards unite!! The Breaking Dawn (part I) posters have been released. Don't you think this first one belongs on the cover of a cheesy romance novel? All they're missing is a Fabio photobomb in the background. Hey, I'm allowed to make fun of it. I used to co-author a Twilight blog. And yes I'll be there at midnight, opening night along with everyone else.

Oh yeah, this one is much better.

Source: JustJared

You've heard of Spiderman. Well, this is Spiderkitty...

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And now, for today's FAIL! Something tells me the server didn't get a big tip.

epic fail photos - Server FAIL
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And today's WIN.

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What do you get the guy who has everything? Handerpants! Because... it would be really fun to wear underwear on your hands??? *shrugs*

fashion fail - Provides Lift and Support
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Hey, WTF??!! I wonder if that lady knows they made SPF lip balm. If only they had an "after" picture where we could see the tan lines. Isn't she a little old for tanning?

fashion fail - The Tan Lines Around Your Mouth Are Going to Look Awfully Weird
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And that's all the time I have for today. Have a razzle dazzle weekend, and if you find yourself on a desert island with only your ultra thin Macbook and an apple, I think you'll find you will have all you need in this video...

Apple's ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop can be used as a kitchen knife!

We don't recommmend trying this at home, but I guess you could try it if you're desperate, super curious, or just looking for an extravagant way to waste your money...



  1. Now i want a Macbook Air....just so I can do that.

    Lauren Lauren, I remember hearing that and it really bothered me. More than it should a normal person. I am glad she's hyphening it, but in this circumstance I would probably just keep my maiden name. Even conservatives wouldn't blame her.

    Can't wait for Twilight!!!!!

  2. Wow. That is one expensive knife. But I'm guessing in the trapped-on-a-desert-island scenario there would be a plane crash/boat sinking/disaster where water damage would occur, rendering its original function obsolete, so that's good to know!

    There was a girl in my high school named Ashley who dated a guy named Kade Ashley. I so hope they got married so she could be Ashley Ashley. ; )

    That leather handbag lady is going to give me nightmares. O.o

    Yay, Breaking Dawn! And yes, I agree to its romance novel status. p.s. am I the only person who does NOT find Fabio attractive? In fact he creeps me out...

  3. Culinary Contessa, I'd wager that there's not a single person in our generation that ISN'T creeped out by Fabio. That's why I was so enraged they started replacing Isaiah Mustafa in the Old Spice commercials with Fabio.