Thursday, September 15, 2011

Handicapable Situation

Thrashing Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. I did survive my first day homeschooling all three kids. Not without a few tears and tantrums. But the kids tolerated my behavior pretty well. Now on to the news...

A 12 year old Swedish girl has proven that lightning can strike twice, as she was struck twice while taking a shower during a lightning storm. People. You do not take a shower during a lightning storm. Apparently the house was struck twice, and both times the lightning traveled up through the plumbing and struck her through the shower head.

Growing up in Orlando, AKA "Lightning Alley", they educate you as a small child on how to avoid getting struck by lightning. During storms, we'd always run and unplug our computers, televisions and other appliances, which would surely be fried if the house got hit. Also, you don't wash dishes, take a shower or talk on the phone during a lightning storm to lower your chances of getting hit. Also, don't stand near a window. NEVER stand under a tree in a lightning storm. While the tree will attract the lightning due to its height, lightning prefers water (which is in the human body) and will bounce off the tree and strike you.

And YOU thought you'd never learn anything on this blog. I just brought some edumacation up in here. WhaBAM!

Source: huffpost

Johnny Depp is working with Tim Burton again, for the 8th time. This time he's portraying Michael Jackson an 18th century vampire that wakes up in the 1970s. I love Johnny Depp. Is it me or does it appear that he has the same makeup person for his movies? I see him in the sun, but I don't see any sparkling. Maybe they'll add that later via CGI.

Source: eonline

Thank goodness the celebrities are back to doing stupid stuff. Well at least the reality d-list ones are. "The Situation" (am I the only one annoyed that he goes by that ridiculous moniker?) parked his Ferrari in a handicapped spot, and TMZ got video of a disabled man who was unable to park in the spot, and had to park further away, then walk past the Ferrari in the spot he should've had. Awesome. Come one "The Situation". Don't be a douche. At least get a handicap sticker from your doc that you can pull out and stick on your mirror when you want to park, like my mom does.

Source: TMZ

And for today's FAIL. Obviously the person writing the graphics for this news program would NOT benefit from a shorter school week.

epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: Somebody Took The Summer Off
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And for today's WIN. Yay for a Smores keyboard!!! Om nom nom

wtf photos videos - I Type in Smores
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Hey, WTF??!! Well this sure lets you multitask when you go to the restaurant. Especially when the food doesn't sit right in your stomach and you need to spend extra time on the toidy. You can sip your cocktails while you drop a bomb.

wtf photos videos - Toilet Dining
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And that's all the time I have for today. Be sure to drop your bombs today right before your co-workers take their restroom breaks. They'll appreciate that. And until tomorrow, you may want to reconsider that swimming trip in the Philippines...

There’s a 21-foot, 50-year-old, 2370-lb crocodile in the Philippines.

A group of 100 hunters caught the giant croc, whose name is Lolong, last weekend. It was caught alive and there are plans to use it as a tourist attraction at an ecotourist park, though currently, wildlife officials say that Lolong has refused to eat in days.

The hunters were looking for the croc after a farmer was killed in a crocodile attack. Lolong is suspected of killing both the farmer and a girl who was killed in 2009. However, some villagers say that the killings may have been caused by a different, even bigger, crocodile that has been spotted. Inspections of Lolong’s stomach found no human remains.
Read more about Lolong, the giant crocodile, at ABC News, Business Insider, and Slate.



  1. Think of all the shoes you could make out of croc!

  2. You know, Paul, I think you may be on to something. ;)

  3. OMG!! This is a sign. I was just saying to my husband recently "Who really gets hit by lightning in the shower? Can we submit this to Mythbusters?" I should def stay out of the shower during a storm...from now on.

    And I, too, hate "The Situation" moniker. Ok, I hate the whole show. I refuse to watch even one episode because I can't stand the fact that unemployment is so high and this douchebag is driving a Ferrari for being a drunk jerk on TV.
    *steps off soapbox*

    Smores keyboard?? WANT. *drools*

  4. OMG Christine, I may have just saved your life, by informing you NEVER to take a shower during a lightning storm!! You're welcome. ;)