Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doritos and Breast Milk

Teatastic Tuesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. In the news, a woman has an overabundance of breast milk stocked in her freezer. She & her husband are moving out of town, and are unable to donate it, so the husband has decided to go on a breastmilk-only diet and blog about how he's feeling. (kind of like the 30-day McDonalds diet "Supersize Me" only, much, much creepier.) He aims to consume 2000 calories/day, which means he needs to drink 66 ounces of breast milk daily.

Hey, I'm one of those who agrees breast milk is "liquid gold" and I breastfed my only biological child, but you could not pay me to taste my own or someone else's breast milk. Ewwwwwww. So you tell me... would you go on this diet if you could?

Source: parenting.com via Jamie

Apparently last night on Dancing with the Stars (Stars? Really?), Nancy Grace had a wardrobe malfunction and exposed some nip. If only I was talking about cat nip. Thankfully I have not seen any video or pictures of this nip slip, because I'm pretty sure this is something NO ONE wants to see. You are welcome for not seeking out and showing you the footage that I'm sure is already on the internet.

Source: usmagazine

Ladies and gents, it is a sad day in history. The creator of Doritos has died at the age of 97. His daughter announced the family plan to scatter doritos with his ashes. They will use his 3 favorite flavors "Original", "Cool Ranch" and "Nacho". Hmmm... I wonder if the attendees of the funeral get free Doritos. Cause I might find some free space in my schedule for some Nacho Doritos. What?

Source: TMZ

And now, for today's FAIL, which I think is self-explanatory.

epic fail photos - KFC Grilling FAIL
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And today's WIN. I think they should actually implement these choices in Facebook under people's comments. I'd *stare creepily* at as many people as I could.

epic fail photos - Failbook: Now Inciting A Rebellion With Just One Click!
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Hey, WTF??!! I always heard Firemen had a soft spot for rescuing kitties.

wtf photos videos - Meow.
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And that's all the time I have for today. Speaking of, I've got some packing to do so I can rescue a kitty myself. Confused? It will all make more sense tomorrow when I officially claim my status as "Crazy Cat Lady". Until then, here is perhaps an option for overwhelmed parents. I'll send you mine if you send me yours. Nevermind, I don't want yours, but I'll send you mine. (if you're my social worker, I'm kidding... I'd never send my kids in the mail... I'd teach them how to hitchhike.)

It used to be legal to send kids in the mail.

When domestic parcel post service was introduced in the United States in 1913, Americans were finally able to send packages across the country at an affordable rate. Early on, some people chose to abuse this new service. At least two people sent their stamp-covered children through the mail before the Postmaster General was able to issue new regulations banning the practice. The National Postal Museum still has this humorous picture on display to note those more turbulent times in USPS history.



  1. *munches on my Doritos while staring creepily at you*

  2. I am really bummed that the dad-eating-breastmilk blog is no longer up.

    I've tasted my own breastmilk, but not exactly on purpose. And I don't think as an adult I would taste someone else's breastmilk. I mean, maybe if you paid me... but not for fun, and NOT for some sort of "use-up-the-breastmilk" experiment.

    I do wonder how much the grocery bill will go down at their house?

  3. You know, a tiger is a ginger, too. I'd say that guy holding the rifle is probably prejudiced against gingers, too.

    I want the "Incite Riot" button on FB. That could be fun. *wiggles eyebrows*

  4. The whole breastmilk thing is sooo odd. My mother in law used to be an oncology nurse and she told us stories of the very ill cancer patients being given donor milk due to its amazing health properties. Also, I got the Aggie book a few days ago in the mail, PLEASE thank Lara Zielin for me! I'm psyched to start reading it. One last note on yesterday's post: I see very much of your husband's features in your oldest son...so cute with the red hair!

  5. Crap! Double comment, forgot to ask: Have you read "The Daughter of Smoke and Bone" yet? Sounds uh-mazing and I don't always catch your book reviews, so I was just wondering...

  6. Oh man, the blog isn't up anymore!? I'm bummed.

    I'm ready to send my kids covered in stamps in the mail. I think they could use the extra business. I've heard they're going under and about to stop delivering on Saturdays! Maybe if we all sent one child in the mail we could keep Saturdays going!