Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Review: "Crave" by Melissa Darnell

I was privileged to read an advance copy of "Crave" by Melissa Darnell, which is scheduled for release on October 25, 2011.

"Crave" is the first book in "The Clann" series, which features characters Savannah Colbert and Tristan Coleman, who take turns narrating the story from their points of view.

Savannah and Tristan were best friends, along with twin girls Vanessa and Hope. In fact, the twins helped perform Savannah and Tristan's imaginary 4th grade wedding one day. But that night, word of the event leaked back to their parents, who immediately forbid all the descendents of The Clann (including Tristan and the twins) from ever having contact with Savannah Colbert again. They were not told why, only that she was dangerous. Meanwhile no one told Savannah why her best friends suddenly abandoned her and refused to speak to her after that day, many of whom later became her worst bullies as they grew up together in school.

Who is The Clann? Genetically they're of Irish Decent, though some rumors claim they know witchcraft. One thing for sure, they practically run the town of Jacksonville, Texas. Most people of authority in that town are Clann descendants. Even some of the teachers at school. They are connected in every aspect of the town. The Clann have eyes and ears everywhere, and they are all keeping close watch on Savannah Colbert.

While Tristan Coleman obeyed his parents since that day in 4th grade, he's never been able to stop thinking about Savannah. And while Savannah hates him for abandoning her without saying why, she too can't seem to avoid thinking about him. She can even physically feel it when he watches her, though she has no idea why.

Savannah lives at home with her mother, whose work often takes her out of town, and with her Nana, who is the one constant in her life. Savannah's Dad lives out of town and sees her rarely, often turning down invitations to watch her perform at sports events. Savannah has a lot to be angry about, with feelings of abandonment from her Dad and former friends.

Then one day Savannah gets very sick. She suffers from fever and is barely coherent for 5 days. When she wakes up, she is surrounded by her Nana, mother and her father, who explain her heritage, the changes she is going through, and all the secrets they've been keeping from her. They also explain why it is vitally important she stay away from all Clann descendants, especially Tristan Coleman.

Unfortunately this is the time that Tristan decides he will no longer obey his parents by staying away from Savannah. He has made it his mission to date her. When she returns from school after her illness, she has over gone obvious physical changes that makes her irresistible to most guys. So much so that she starts to need protection from these guys, which Tristan has taken upon himself to provide.

Now that she knows the truth, Savannah is more determined than ever to stay away from Tristan despite the irresistible pull she feels toward him. He's decided to win her back, not realizing the potentially devastating consequences their relationship could bring.

I read this book in less than 24 hours, avoiding my husband and kids as best I could, to maximize reading time. I found this story to be refreshingly original, and a book I simply could not put down. After only reading the first of this series, I am certain this series will be one of my favorites.

If you only read a few books a year and like me prefer to read books you're willing to trade sleep for, pre-order this book. I'm telling all my friends this is a #mustread and after you read it, I suspect you will do the same.

"Crave" will be released in just over a month. Pre-order today so you don't miss out on this gem.



  1. Ooh! Sounds delicious. : ) Going on my TBR pile! (which is now quite large and threatening to topple over...)

  2. Ohh I even want to read this one!

  3. I'm writing my review for it right now. I liked the combo of witches and vamps. Interesting lore.