Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Three Hots And A Cot

Tantrum Tuesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. In the news today, a California man was caught trying to break back INTO prison after being released. Officials confirmed he wasn't trying to smuggle anything back into prison... just himself. Hey, don't underestimate the lure of 3 hots and a cot. Yeah I know the prison lingo. You impressed? Why not?

Source: apnews

Happy 53rd birthday to Madonna, who is celebrating her birthday in the Hamptons with her new boyfriend and her kids. I wonder which one is the boyfriend.

Source: TMZ

Apparently the number of people who are sick to death of Kate and her 8 has grown, because TLC has decided to cancel the show. *cue the cheering* No worries, you Kate fans, because they will check in from time to time for specials with Kate and her brood. Until then, Kate will actually have more time to be a mom for her tan and workout.

Source: usmagazine

Sometimes there are stupid people in this world. This is one of them.

epic fail photos - Failbook: Harry Potter Also Had Trolls, Just Like This Post
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Are you still wishing you could bring back those Magnum PI days? Wish you could be harry like Tom Selleck? Never fear, this tie is here and is sure to impress the ladies.

fashion fail - Your Tie Might Need a Wax
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Sometimes the letters make all the difference. Because while I might one day be in the market for a 1 hour photo, I will NEVER ask for a 1 hour poo. That happened once, when I was pregnant, and it's something I hope never ever will happen again. *shudders at the memory*

epic fail photos - A Fecal Lifestyle
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And that's all the time I have for today. If you have the time, switch cubicles with someone else in your office (pictures and decorations included) and see if they notice. Until tomorrow then, if you are a fan of fowl, you may not mind prison in Brazil. Three hots, a cot AND fowl.

A Brazilian prison uses geese for security.

An overcrowded prison in Northeastern Brazil has decided to employ 2 geese to protect against prison violence and escapes. There are currently 255 inmates in a prison designed to hold 153, so the warden had to come up with some innovative ideas for security. The geese will honk when they see strange movements, which will alert the guards if anything fishy is about to happen.



  1. Ewww! The Tie! We were lucky enough to mostly miss Magnum. Why bring it back?

    And a one hour poo? As in sitting on the pot for an hour? That's where I get my best reading done.

  2. I need to buy my husband that tie.

    Finally that cancelled Kate Plus 8. I actually had no idea it was still being aired.

    Madonna's boyfriend is really really young, but the creepiest part for me is that he looks about 5 years younger than that.

    I don't normally poo for an hour, but I frequently sit on the toilet for that long. I get caught up on US weekly and People on there.

  3. Hah! I didn't see Gina's comment! Awesome...Glad I'm not alone in my thinking