Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Organic Matter

Tipsy Tuesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. I bet you thought I couldn't find a better Hurricane Irene video. Or perhaps our definitions of "better" aren't the same. Anyway, today we go to Ocean City, Maryland, where the reporter is continuously covered in sea foam that he is told is "organic matter". He understood that to mean it was sand mixed with plankton. As it turns out, that sea foam was actually a toxic mix of pollution, raw sewage and cyanobacteria. No wonder he said it didn't taste so good. I hope he's up to date on his shots.

In related news, Hilary Duff tweets that she is sending light and love to the Hurricane Victims. Now I can't exactly speak for them, but I would guess they would say she could keep the love part, all they need is light. Cause... you know... they don't have electricity. Geez Louise this is a tough crowd. It's not like they're reading this and getting offended or anything. Cause they don't have electricity. Okay, I'll stop.

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Back to Sunday night's VMA's and Vampira Gomez and Justin Pooper... I just came across this photo. And I've been thinking it for some time, but really, Justin does look like a girl who digs other girls, am I wrong? And truly, this could be the WTF pic of the day, because why is he holding his tiny snake? Where are the censors?! There are children watching!!!

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Also at the VMA's, Lady Gaga decided to dress in drag. I don't know guys, which is the better look for her. This, or the meat dress? And notice the serious lifts she's wearing. Someone has been raiding Tom Cruise's shoe closet.

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Speaking of interesting clothing choices, clearly this kid has Body Dysmorphic Disorder and thinks he's a Little Person because he's shopping at the wrong store for his pants. Dude, you are an "average height" person. Wear your average height pants.

Whew. I tried really hard to be Politically Correct there. You don't even know how close I was to using the word "midget". Oh crap, I just blew it.

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I know Borders is trying to sell all their books before their stores close, but just who did they get to autograph this Bible? I'm almost afraid to ask.

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Hey, WTF??!! All you need is an open fire and this stool to remind you of Christmas.

And that's all the time I have for today. Must get back to my other project, of building a new blog. O_O Yes, that's right. I'll say more when it's ready to be revealed. Don't you worry though... Gingersnaps isn't going anywhere. Until tomorrow then, I'll leave you with this...

Warmer climates result in more baby girls.

Biology research suggests that the closer you live to the equator, the more likely you are to have a girl. The tropics are known to have higher birth rates for girls than for boys.

Overall, a majority of babies born on Earth (51.5%) are boys. In fact, boys make up the majority of newborns in every country except for the Central African Republic. However, countries near the equator have a lower percentage of male babies than the global average (51.1-51.3%).

While still in the womb, baby boys are much more fragile than baby girls. Environmental influences can affect things like miscarriage rates and sperm quality. Research has shown that in times of extreme environmental stress, girls take an advantage over boys in birthrate.



  1. So, where do I get a stool like that? I'm thinking I need 3 with and 2 without for my breakfast counter. Though, no one comes to breakfast completely naked, so it won't lay just so....

  2. I SO want an autographed Bible!

    I've heard this warm climate thing before and I think it's right. My dad was a mechanic working over hot car engines and had 4 girls. My only brother? Bartender. Working in restaurants is hot. He has 3 girls.

    Stool = Hilarious.

  3. OMG ewww...that poor guy. One more reason to go green, Julie ;-)