Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Was Robbed By Two Men

Willful Wednesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. In the news today, a boy and his friend were throwing rocks at an SUV in a California neighborhood, when a person in the SUV shot the boy with a crossbow. The wound wasn't life threatening. Now I'm not going to say the boy had it coming but... okay I am. He had it coming. No arrests were made, so the SUV driving, crossbow-shooting person got away with it. Perhaps the police were laughing so hard they "overlooked" crucial evidence as to the owner of the crossbow. In unrelated news, I have a crossbow I need to get rid of I'm looking to sell.

Source: foxnews

Creepy 51 year old Dharma dude who married the 16 year old just celebrated his wife's 17th birthday. So what did he get her? Lingerie and a promised trip to Disneyland when the weather cools off. How do you spell DISTURBING? (that was rhetorical, I know how to spell it... cause, I just did) Is the lingerie for Disneyland?

Source: usmagazine

And that's not even the most disturbing celebrity news of the day. Sinead O'Connor is apparently so desperate for sexual partners, that she has taken to her blog asking for willing men (and women) to apply with her assistant. Among her requests, the guys cannot be named Nigel or Brian, and anal sex must be involved. She says to not apply if you don't like the "difficult brown". Ewwww. Ewww eww eww eww ewww. Ugh.. EWWWWWWWW. *dry heave* ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Source: huffingtonpost

And now, for today's FAIL!

epic fail photos - Baby on Board FAIL
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And today's WIN!!! Now where can I get my hands on these, so I can install them backwards in my children's rooms? If this is my social worker, I'm totally kidding. *whispers to everyone else* I'm totally not kidding.

Hey, WTF??!! Did you ever want to learn English, for situations like getting robbed by two men, and exercise at the same time? Well now's your lucky day!! Crazy multitasking Asians. (And if you're Asian, I totally meant that as a compliment.)

And that's all the time I have for today. I'll meet you here same time, same place tomorrow, but until then, if you feel like committing a capital offense in a death penalty state, there is something you should know... you cannot eat yourself into obesity so you'll be too big to fit in the electric chair. They will build a special new chair just for you...

A man gained 150 lbs in an unsuccessful attempt to become too fat for the electric chair.

Donald Snyder spent his time in Sing Sing putting on pounds. He was hoping to become too big to fit in the electric chair. He grew to over 300 lbs. He was confident, even the day before his scheduled execution date, that his plan would work. The prison had to get a special electric chair just for him.



  1. I cannot tell you how grossed out I am now.

    Between that 17 year old hooker/wife, and the big S looking for the big O... man.

    And there's still a good 15 hours until bedtime.

  2. @graceling, I'm right there with you.

  3. eww the 17 yr old keeps getting weirder and weirder looking the longer she's married to her super weird-looking husband/gigolo.

    Maybe I'll see them at Disneyland.