Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shark Lullaby

Thorny Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Little known fact (until now)... I'm not a fan of adjectives that start with "Th". Every Thursday I want to say Thirsty Thursday, which is lame because I'm probably just craving an ice cold Dr Pepper.

In the news, a team of scientists have been conducting research on how great white sharks react to music. Apparently playing AC/DC, specifically "You Shook Me All Night Long" calms the sharks down. Fascinating. I'll try to remember to bring my underwater speakers and add that to my playlist next time I'm swimming with great white sharks. Which will happen never.


In celebrity news, Natalie Portman has revealed the name of her son, Alef (or Aleph), pronounced a-leaf. Though that name doesn't hold a candle to the son of Lisa Bonet & Conan/Dothraki Chief Jason Mamoa who goes by the moniker "Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha", or Rob Morrow who named his daughter "Tu". Yes, Tu Morrow. Suddenly Alef doesn't sound bad at all.

Source: popeater

We all know the mess of the Casey Anthony court case, which isn't funny at all. But we can laugh at the inappropriate ads that were associated with the Casey Anthony news.

Casey Anthony FAILS

epic fail photos - Casey Anthony FAILS

epic fail photos - Casey Anthony FAILS

epic fail photos - Casey Anthony FAILS

epic fail photos - Casey Anthony FAILS

fashion fail - The Real Crime Committed Today

And now, on to something entirely different. Funny or Die presents... Field of Dreams 2 with none other than Taylor Lautner.

And now it's time for... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!

Today's WTF is brought to you by Japan's Pudding Boobs. And you know they're real, because they jiggle. Sorry.

Bizarre Breast Puddings From Japan

"What're YOU lookin' at?"

"What're YOU lookin' at?"

If you've ever seen the movie "Airplane", you might recall a scene in which the jet is being shaken up by turbulence. The camera zooms in on two mounds of Jello on a plate jiggling like crazy, then pans up to a well-endowed lady's, erm, endowments jiggling similarly.

It was a funny gag, but we wouldn't expect the Jello people to start packaging their pudding with the same association. And they wouldn't expect us to expect it, either.

Hello Kitty, meet Jello Titty...

Hello Kitty, meet Jello Titty...

Japan is another story, however, and these sweet breast puddings come from the land where anything goes.

The packaging is both complex and creative, requiring lots of unfolding and opening - I'm somewhat surprised buttons or clasps aren't involved. But I digress... the point being that someone put a lot of thought into the entire wacky concept. Thanks to for these images, by the way!

It's also curious that a conscious effort was made to provide variety among the various "girls" whose braless bosoms are displayed so brazenly. Why the blonde, European-looking lady has oddly squared-off charlies is beyond me - but hey, Western society has had its own misconceptions about Eastern women so consider it tit for tat.

Proof of the pudding

Proof of the pudding

Reports from those who've actually tried these breast puddings report they're somewhat milky, sweet tasting, and with a vaguely slimy mouth feel. I'm guessing the ingredients contain gelatin but since the "display chests" are not refrigerated, figure on a dash or two of preservative to keep the milk from going off.

Eager to try these tasty teats, umm, treats? Sure you are, admit it. They appear to be sold in Japanese supermarkets and/or department stores at prices in the 380-400 yen range.

That's about $4.00 - or two bucks a bosom. To borrow a phrase, "betcha can't eat just one!"

And that's all the time I have for today. Grab a pair of jiggly boobs for yourself and tell me that doesn't improve your day. Until tomorrow then...

Anorexia is more common for people born in springtime!

A team of researchers at Oxford University discovered that within four separate groups of anorexia patients (1,293 subjects total), a disproportionate percentage were born between the months of March and June. They also discovered a similar deficit in anorexic subjects between September and October (which is why I like to eat!). The real trick now is for scientists to identify what exactly makes these birth months more likely to yield anorexic people. The researchers believe the secret may lie in environmental factors around the time of conception or early on in a baby’s development inside the womb.



  1. Man! Those puddings would make a great gag gift. My husband would crack up too...I'm off to the Asian grocery store to see about getting some. Oh, BTW, I finished Book 4 in the Mortal Instruments...Uh-mazing. And such a cliffhanger! I'm dying for books 5 and 6 now. Just had a give a shout-out to you and your awesome reviews for hooking me on yet another series...sigh.

  2. Hello Kitty, meet Jello Titty...




    *wipes tears*