Thursday, July 14, 2011

It All Ends

Triwizard Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Today my dear friend Laura (the artist formerly known as Spank) flies in to LA. Tonight she and I will get liquored up and stock up on tissues before sitting down to watch the midnight premiere of the Very Last Harry Potter Movie. We will likely be sobbing and holding each other at various parts in the movie. AND we won't get home until 4:30am or so, which means I won't be posting tomorrow. I'll be sleeping. Who else is going to the midnight release tonight? Raise your hand.

Here is some Harry Potter inspired graffiti. I think I speak for everyone when I say the world would be a better place if all graffiti was Harry Potter graffiti. Or maybe I just speak for me.

Source: cityrag

Oh what the heck, let's just make the entire post Harry Potter related. Starting with some LOLcats.

This weekend, like every time Laura and I get together, will include tattoos. Maybe we should get Harry Potter themed tattoos. Here's a few for us to pick from...

Submitted by Sam H.

As much as I love Harry Potter, there are some Harry Potter items I cannot support. Namely the gummy Cockroach Clusters with the gooey center. Who thought this was a good idea? And more importantly, what parent is going to buy this for their kids?

And then there's the vibrating Nimbus 2000. It's no wonder it's sold out. But something tells me it's not the kids who are buying it. O_o

And that's all the time I have for today. Have a very wizard weekend everyone and I'll see you back here on Monday. Oh, and one last thing...

The least financially successful Harry Potter film made $90 million more than the most successful Twilight movie!

I would HOPE that this is true! The Twilight Saga: New Moon grossed $709 million worldwide in 2009, which doesn’t hold a candle to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’s $795 million haul five years earlier. Though New Moon did better at the box office than the original Twilight film, the series experienced a bit of a dip the following year when Eclipse failed to surpass the sales of the second movie. By the same token, none of the Harry Potter flicks have managed to match the success of the original film, though the most recent movie did come closest.



  1. I SOOOOO wish I could be there tonight! I need to stop getting knocked up and moving across the country and such things.

    I'm not even going to the midnight release (sadness) because the only theater with a midnight showing is one that's in a "bad" area, and hubby has early morning meetings and can't go with me tonight, so he asked me not to go. We are going tomorrow night (DATE NIGHT! WOOT!) But it's not the same.

    I love the Dumbledore's Army graffiti.

    That is all.

  2. *HAND RAISED!!!* I'm am twitching with excitement until I can finally leave...with many many tissues! It's not going to help that we're going to a wine bar to scope the line at the theater across the street so we'll be all sloppy and ready to cry. Have an awesome time you two! We need pics of tattoos!

    LOVE the graffiti! Hagrid was so cute! And just the glasses w/ the lightening bolt-awesome!

  3. I really must read the books and/or see the movies so I can properly appreciate your (extreme) enthusiasm. :)
    Have fun tonight! We really must plan for you to come North for the BD premiere. Toronto in November is...well...cold and gray but on the up side we have a lot of tattoo parlours and with enough alcohol you won't notice the cold.

  4. I know, Graceling... you need to stop getting knocked up!! *giggle*

    @Picksee77, thank you for reminding me to bring tissues!!

    @Carolyn, you totally made me laugh out loud with the "enough alcohol you won't notice the cold"!!

  5. If I were to admit that I have never read any of the books or seen any of the movies, could we still be friends?

  6. Saw it, loved it, bawled. It was a good wrap up. Hubby and I chatted for hours afterwards about the zillion things we wished had been included in the final movie, or a few differences from the books, but it would have created a 6 hr long movie. Then yesterday we were driving in a parking lot and there was a piece of white duct tape stuck under the "Stop" on a stop sign. When we got up close, the tape had "Voldemort" written on it. WIN.