Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is This Your Doll Or Mine?

Weasley Wednesday to you all, my little Gingersnaps. In the news, a new book reveals that in order to combat Syphilis among the troops from French prostitutes, Hitler ordered blow-up sex dolls to comfort his troops instead. But to fit in their backpacks, they had to be smaller than life size. Uh, does that mean they were child size? O_o After an initial order of 50 dolls were made, the small sex doll project was scrapped once soldiers realized they could just use their hands. I mean, because they were embarrassed to be found with a sex doll.

In Royal news, style watchers are wondering if Kate's frequent use of sheer pantyhose will single-handedly bring them back into fashion. Apparently sheer pantyhose are already flying off the shelves in the UK. I think I'll let this fashion trend pass me by. I don't have much desire to stuff my legs into artificial sausage casings again, thankyouverymuch.

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So are you guys watching True Blood this season? Oh I get it. You are but you don't want to admit it publicly. Yeah me too. If you are a fan, check out this hilarious interview among the True Blood hunks.

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More Harry Potter for you guys today. Remember MTV's Josh Horowitz and his show "American Talk", where he gets non-American actors to try to sound American? Well this time he has some of the Harry Potter stars again, for a "American Talk Part II". Check it out. #hilarious

And now for today's FAIL... Into every generation is born... a baby name fail.

epic fail photos - Child's Name FAIL
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And now, Saruman makes one final attempt to weasel his way out of Orthanc. So sad it had to end like this...

And that's all the time I have for today. I'll meet you back here tomorrow, same time, same place. Until then, get out your old cheese and serve it to your lactose intolerant friends. They will be sure to thank you.

People who are lactose intolerant often can still eat yogurt and old cheese!

It all depends on the amount of lactose remaining in the food (lactose is the sugar found in milk and other dairy products). Yogurt that contains live bacteria cultures typically can be consumed because the bacteria produce enzymes like lactase that break down much of the naturally-occurring dairy sugar. Converting lactose into lactic acid makes the yogurt much more tolerable for the sensitive stomachs of those with lactose intolerance.

This same phenomenon also makes some cheese varieties acceptable for intolerant tummies. The Lactobacillus bacteria used to produce most types of cheese remain well after it has been sold and continue to process its lactose. According to food science professor Scott Rankin of the University of Wisconsin, “in theory, most of the lactose [in cheese] is gone after three months of aging.”

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  1. Please God, NO nude hose. That was such a horrible trend.