Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot Pants

Faulty Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps. I've been simultaneously enduring a stomach flu (don't ask) and packing for Hawaii, so unfortunately, you can forget about much of a post today. But I do have this for you...

Source: wired

Go on, tell me you didn't watch the whole thing, mesmerized. And if I had it on loop, you'd probably still be watching it until I return next Tuesday. You don't have to admit it. I know.

Welcome to the playground, where virtually nothing is off limits...

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: Anything Goes In This Playground
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How NOT to get a date

True, But They Also Never Offer to Pay for Dinner
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You feeling a bit hot in your pants? Or are you just wearing Sauna Pants??

fashion fail - Floaties!
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There was a time where this was my dream. Not the blond hair, or the tan (who am I kidding?), but the muscled physique. And then I realized I had the kind of genes that made me curvy instead of lean and I slowly gave up that dream. After years of Muscle & Fitness subscriptions. #truestory

fashion fail - Just One of the Guys
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And that's all the time I have for today. I'm off to finish my packing and get ready for my trip. I fully intend to get laid when I arrive in Hawaii. Until I return then, chew on this...

Lord Voldemort was 71 years old when he died!

We are able to calculate his birth year first of all because we know that the Dark wizard formerly known as Tom Riddle opened the Chamber of Secrets 50 years before Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which takes place in 1992. Because Riddle was in his fifth year when he opened the Chamber in 1942, he would have been 15 years old upon doing so. Fifteen years prior to 1942 is 1927, but as we know he was born on New Year’s Eve, his birthday would have to have been on December 31st of the previous year, 1926. Therefore since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows begins in the summer of 1997, Voldemort would have been 70 years old at the time! His death takes place at the end of that 7th book on May 2nd, 1998, meaning Voldemort died at the ripe old age of 71!!



  1. You got me...I honestly would watch the fountain video on a loop. My life is just that sad!

    Have fun in Hawaii but do try to get outside at least a little. I'm impressed that you didn't do the cutesy "I'm going to get Lei'd" but went full on "I'm away with my husband and no kids and am going to get LAID".

    xoxo C

  2. Oh, I hope you're recovered! So, I have a lot to say today:
    1. If someone get s a Ted Bundyesque tattoo the tattoo artist should be required by law to report it to the police. How creepy is that!?
    2.I want those hot pants. And I want to wear them out...
    3. I think I speak for your husband when I say I'm glad your aspirations to look like a female bodybuilder never came to fruition ;-) scary! And there was a point in my life I was that tan/orange ughh..*bows head in shame....*

  3. O_O

    I totally watched the whole thing. You got me.

    Also, SO glad you did NOT turn out like Musclerella. EEK. Keep your curves. The curves are WAY better.