Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Double Rainbow Sponge

Tankard Tuesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. When do you think would be a good time to tell you that I won't be posting next week since I'll be in Hawaii with Mr. G celebrating our 15th anniversary with a week-long vacation sans kids? What is that you say? Not today? Ok, you let me know when it's a good time to announce my hiatus and I'll tell you about it.

In the news, there is a sperm sniffing police dog that helps solve rape cases in Sweden. And while I think that is absolutely wonderful that the police have help solving these crimes, uh... doesn't every dog qualify for that job? I mean, has there ever been a dog that has not been a crotch sniffer? Maybe this is why dogs were put on this earth. To sniff crotches and assist the police.

Elin Nordegren (Tiger Wood's ex-wife) has started dating for the first time since the divorce. However it just so happens that her new boyfriend used to date Rachel Uchitel. You may remember she was Tiger's #1 mistress, and also the mistress of David Boreanaz and various other celebrities. Call me crazy (everyone does anyway) but wouldn't dating a woman's ex-husband's #1 mistress automatically kill your chances at being boyfriend material? And speaking of, what the flim flam is up with Rachel Uchitel?! Are there high profile men on the planet she hasn't dated?

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Dee Gruenig is a little too excited about decorating arts and crafts with sponges. In fact, I haven't seen anyone that excited about sponges since Elaine on Seinfeld.

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You may heard of the latest sensation called "Planking". I don't get the point, but I do find this planking FAIL quite humorous.

I think this also qualifies as a planking FAIL.

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Hey, WTF??!! WTH does "3'm available" mean anyway? (I know, I know) More accurately, WTH is that man doing wearing that shirt? Wouldn't "I'm desperate" be more appropriate? Or "3'm desperate".

And that's all the time I have for today. I just wanted you all to know that my tattoo itches like a mofo. And I want to scratch it. That is all. Until tomorrow then...

Richard Harris initially did not want to accept the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films!

Harris’s health had been steadily declining, so he likely did not want to commit to a film with the potential to spawn six or seven different sequels. However, upon hearing this news, Richard’s eleven-year-old granddaughter threatened never to speak with him again! Faced with this ultimatum, her grandfather had no choice but to begrudgingly accept the part. Though he did a tremendous job bringing the quirky wizard to life, his initial instincts proved to be correct - Harris passed away before the shooting of the third film and was replaced by Michael Gambon, who held the role for the remaining six movies.



  1. The sponge video was...well... orgasmic. I think if you just had the sound it could qualify as porn (although I did like the stamping she was doing).

  2. OMG Poor Elin. It makes me wonder if she has poor choice in men, though.....She claims that she wants nothing to do with money and fame, but this guy was a billionaire, too! I don't know about you, but I've found it is not THAT easy to come across single EXTREMELY wealthy men to date. I'm guessing she's searching them out. Ha, at least Rachel Uchitel seems a little more honest about her D-list fame and money-hungry intentions.

  3. Happy Anniversary on 15 wonderful years. I wish you and Mr. Ginger many more. Have fun. Take care and God bless.

  4. @ND's Mama, Thank you so much!! I'm looking forward to getting some alone time with my man!! :)