Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Satan

Wicked Wednesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Hey you doll collectors... have you ever said to yourself, Self? I'd like my very own evil baby doll. Well now you can! British Artist Tracy Ann Lister, who is well known for making baby dolls who look like real babies, has now made a baby Voldemort. Because... well... because she wanted to? And what kind of people would be in the market for a Baby Voldemort? Why someone who likes Satan, and hates goodness, marshmallows and kitty cats.

Amy Winehouse's funeral was yesterday and she was cremated. So naturally her body guards decided to pose with her ashes. Cause... cause... well I don't know why. Ashes are creepy to me. I still have the ashes of two of my beloved cats in my laundry room cabinet because I don't want to have to "handle them" in order to bury them in the backyard, as is the plan. But I digress. They wanna pose with Amy's ashes and I say no- no- no. What, too soon?

Source: TMZ

Jesse James and Kat Von D... and they said those two wouldn't last. Well whoever "they" were, they were right. JJ and KVD have called off their engagement and are now back on the market. Which I'm sure is good news to some people.

Source: DListed

Some things aren't necessarily an occasion to celebrate with cake. Getting your period for the first time is one of those things. I don't know, do you really want to have a "Janie got her period" party with Gramps and Uncle Joe? At least you get to have cake. That is misspelled.

epic fail photos - Congratulatory FAIL
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How much do you love bacon? I love bacon. I happen to think bacon makes just about everything taste better. Even chocolate. Oh yes, at the county fair I had chocolate covered bacon. And I liked it. But just when I thought there wasn't a certain situation where I would say no to bacon, something happens to prove me wrong. And that something is this.

fashion fail - The Meat Dress Is Catching On
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Hey, WTF??!! Did someone call for a Product FAIL? Seriously? Fanny Floss? "The floss proctologists recommend most"?? Is there other butt floss that some minority of proctologists recommend? Don't get me wrong, I'm all about being as clean as possible, but isn't that what Cottonelle is for? I don't even like to floss between my teeth.

epic fail photos - Product Idea FAIL
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And that's all the time I have for today, so until tomorrow, find ways to keep your fanny clean that doesn't include Fanny Floss, and here's one last thing you need to know that has absolutely nothing to do with keeping your Fanny clean...

The color of the background preceding movie trailers actually means something!

You are probably familiar with the rating card screen that comes before each of the previews that precede feature-length films at the movie theater. Most of the time the background of this card is green-colored, which means that the trailer is safe to be viewed by all ages, regardless of the MPAA rating of the film being previewed. This means that if an R-rated film is being advertised with a green band trailer, all of the nudity, profanity, and other material that is inappropriate for children will have been edited out of it. Before April 2009, a green card meant that a trailer had been approved for ‘all’ audiences, but since that time the wording has been changed to ‘appropriate’ audiences. This now means that the trailers are deemed appropriate in comparison to the movie that audiences are about to view.

Trailers shown with a red background for this screen can only be shown before R, NC-17, and unrated films. These previews show clips containing language and imagery that has only been deemed suitable for adults. Yellow-band trailers also exist, but can only be found online, as they have been judged to be suitable for age-appropriate Internet users only.


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  1. I think the bacon guy is my best friend from high school's dad...and the creeps me

    Ashes are way less creepy then dead bodies, and way cleaner