Monday, June 27, 2011

Purple Pain

Monkey Monday to you all, my little gingersnaps!! Did you do anything exciting this weekend? Like get married for the first time?

George Clooney ain't got nothing on this previous bachelor, who remained unmarried until the age of 99. He says he never met the right girl, that is, until he was 98 and met Virginia. They met in the Nursing Home they both live in, and when they wanted to share a room (which is against Nursing Home policy for non-married couples), Virginia asked him to marry her. He said yes. How very forward of you, Virginia! I wonder if they get to share a bed. Do they get a honeymoon? Are they going to start adding Viagra to the groom's nighttime meds? *shudder* The only thing worse than grandparent sex is great-grandparent sex.

Source: aolnews

In desperate-for-attention, celebrity-wannabe news, Kim Kardashian got a butt x-ray so she can once and for all prove to us that she has a fat @ss instead of a silicone @ss. Thank you Kim for clearing that up. I think I'd rather think about great-grandparent sex.

Source: TMZ

Prince was in Montreal this weekend wearing purple, and a dress? and... hey, I think I have those same shoes. We know you're like 3 feet tall, Prince. Just own it. (also good advice for Tom Cruise, who tries to be a little more sneaky about his lifts)

Source: DListed

And now it's time for... You've been smartphOWNED!!!

Source: smartphowned

Hey, WTF??!! Seriously, WTF?

And that's all the time I have for today. Make a goal for yourself this week and trip anyone who gets in the way of that goal. Until tomorrow then, be on the lookout for wiley turtles if you happen to be an egg-laying alligator.

There are turtles that bury their eggs in alligator nests.

Scientists in Florida have observed the Florida red-bellied turtle using alligator nests as their own daycare centers. The research suggests that this species of turtle, and possibly other species as well, have developed some sort of symbiotic relationships with alligators. It’s unknown whether the alligators actually consented to this symbiotic relationship, or were even aware of what was going on. However, the same researchers investigating the alligator nests also encountered some unnaturally passive and docile mother alligators. This might explain how a mother turtle was able to approach an alligator nest without being attacked.



  1. Happy Monday!

    Ohhh, KK, nobody cares about your booty anymore. I saw a commercial for this episode and was like really? Anyone cares? No, no they don't.

  2. Oh, Kim K. Why bother? Now people will just say, "How do we know that's a picture of YOUR ass?" There's no point in doing things to prove anything to the public. Do you know why? Because the public and/or media will always make up whatever they want.

    In any case, I believe you...because everyone in your family has a big butt.

  3. Really Kim K?!?! Really??? You're one of the most un-deserving rich celebrities around. Own it and stop worrying about proving anything to the masses. Today is my berfday and hubby got me Book 4in the Mortal Instruments!! YAY! So excited for the movie.

  4. Happy Birthday Erica!!! Enjoy the 4th book!! (it's good!)