Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Got A Deaaaaad Squ Well!

Testing Tuesday to you all my little gingersnaps! This video may make or break you in that we'll see if you share the same sick sense of humor I have. I may just lose some readers today.

This video is the most hilarious, disturbing, adorable, twisted, hysterical video I've seen. And I've already watched it 5 times. I can't get enough of this adorable girl and her new "pet".

Thank you Ellie!

*** You are experiencing Gingersnaps Lite, the free version. The full version will be back when my eyes have fully healed from vision correction surgery and can tolerate hours of mindless web surfing to bring you the funny.



  1. May I just say, oh my goodness. This is so disturbing on many levels!!! RIP, Squ-ell.

  2. The parents seem strangely calm that their toddler is holding a potentially diseased dead animal! EWWWWW! Love the gratuitous zoom in on Mom's boobs at 0:45.

  3. I agree with Verbenabeth and Carolyn.


  4. I think the only reason the parents are letting her touch the squirrel is that it *just* died by having its neck broken, and not from a disease. I love how the mom is clearly not as comfortable with this as the dad is. But still, the dad was clear to say she was getting a bath after. But there's NO WAY I'd let my kids play with a dead Squ Well!!! LOL

  5. Love it. saw it the other night on America's Funniest Videos or whatev it's called now. Ewwww....I can only laugh because it's not my kiddo.