Friday, June 10, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

Fishy Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps! Here's proof that Great White sharks have been misunderstood and really they're just gentle creatures after all...

...Gentle creatures who can ram you from below at 30 miles an hour and bite you in half if you're in the water with them. I think I'd rather get tattoos of all my facebook friends on my arms, thank you.

This interaction with ocean life is much more my cup of tea...

*** You are experiencing Gingersnaps Lite, the free version. The full version will be back when my eyes have fully healed from vision correction surgery and can tolerate hours of mindless web surfing to bring you the funny.



  1. Julie, are your eyes better, yet? That is one serious recovery!

    I don't get why people are so determined to make friends with a shark. They attack people (whether they realize it is a human or not) get over it!

  2. The shark chick is off her rocker. Call me crazy but Im not petting something that can bite me in half. Loved the cat and dolphin though, very cute.

  3. Haha Jamie... getting tired of Gingersnaps lite? Since I didn't get the Lasik, but got the PRK surgery, my recovery time is 3-6 months. I'm almost to the 2 month mark. For the most part my eyes feel great, but they get strained very easily with the computer... which is why I'm still doing gingersnaps lite. Patience, my friend. Patience. <3