Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fish Hook Foolery

Thingamajigged Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps!! Let's get started, shall we?

In the news, a man claims that he feared there was an intruder in his house, so he took actions to get away from the perceived danger and somehow ended up with a fish hook stuck in his butt. So naturally, he locked himself in a closet and started firing multiple rounds of his gun in an attempt to get police attention.

Uh huh. *tilts head sideways, thinking* Nah, I've got nothing. *shrugs*

Source: aolnews

There is a new celebrity dating show called, "Celebridate" starting. But be aware... those joining, thinking they might get a date with Angelina Jolie may be surprised to find themselves on a date with the Octomom. sidenote: she's a celebrity??! And she needs a man because... she needs more kids?

Source: usmagazine

Are you like me, who enjoys cute things with a little twisted sense of humor? If so, check out this video of a mama duck and her babies, getting blown over by gusts of wind. Hilarious. Unless you're against baby ducks getting rolled about. Then it's not funny at all. (except that it really is)

So have you ever found yourself planning a kid birthday party and you wanted a new, exciting theme? Why not host a Kidnap Party! Go on, you can read the description for yourself below. I'm sure all those kids had lots and lots of fun and won't need any therapy or anti-anxiety meds later in life.

epic fail photos - Children's Party Idea FAIL
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And now it's time for... smartphOWNED!!!

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Speaking of, Hey! WTF?!! Is this someone's wedding dress? I wonder if the flower girl gets a matching, smaller version of the dress. And what would the groom's tux look like? O_o

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And that's all the time I have for today. Meet me back here same time, same place tomorrow. Oh and next time you consider torturing someone... you know, just for the fun of it... skip the waterboarding and go right for the Barney soundtrack.

The United States military used a song from Barney & Friends to interrogate prisoners in the Iraq War.

How cruel. Early in the Iraq war, U.S. troops would subject Iraqi prisoners of war to prolonged listening sessions of the most annoying music they could think of. The playlist included Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, the "I Love You" song from the children’s television show Barney & Friends, and the ubiquitous action movie soundtrack piece “Bodies”. The idea behind this strategy is to offend the prisoners and break their spirits to make them more cooperative during questioning.

Oddly enough, it works! It’s such a harsh technique that human rights organization Amnesty International warned that it may even constitute torture! A U.S. operative who went through “Barney torture” to test it out said “I never want to go through that again”.

The U.S. actually has a history of using musical warfare. In 1989, American troops blasted rock music to force Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega to surrender. You can read more about that here.



  1. Really? Nadya thinks someone is going to want to date her on TV? Really, Nadya? You think that any person that appears on that show is actually appearing to date you and not for their own 15 mins of fame? Do you think they are really going to want to deal with your gaggle of children? Really? And are we supposed to be convinced that you are really looking for love and not a sugar daddy to pay all the bills you've incurred from your non-working ass? REALLY??

  2. Barney Torture!!! My kids got a hold of the remote the other day and discovered Barney (He is banned from our house) They were transfixed! The weird thing is I hate it, but I'm not exactly sure why it is so awful. The messages and the plot of the shows are no different than other children's shows. Now from this post..I've figured it out..the music!