Friday, April 8, 2011


Farewell Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Why farewell? Because tomorrow I'm hopping a plane to Orlando for the week. I'm still not sure whether or not I'll get a chance to blog while I'm there. I've considered taking the week off, but then I picture my readers spending the week feeling like this...

However, I can make no promises. Maybe I'll switch into vacation mode and blog about my Orlando adventures, which will include Gatorland, Wizarding World of Harry Potter and eye correction surgery. O_o You tell me. Take the week off, or switch gears and go into vacation blogging mode? (you can tell me in the comments) Now on to the news...

Three separate incidents in the past two months have involved five tractor-trailers of Dr Pepper being stolen, only for the trailers to turn up later, empty. That's a total of $100,000 worth of Dr Pepper, people. If anyone asks, I have not been anywhere near Texas and had nothing to do with it. *avoids eye contact with everyone* You know what goes well with a trailer full of Dr Pepper? A trailer full of Krispe Kreme donuts. #justsayin

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Someone please inform Mariah Carey that she is not Demi Moore and this is not something we want to see. Please. PLEASE.

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Similarly, can someone please ask Leann Rimes why she thought it was a good idea to tweet this picture? Hey, if I've gotta see these pictures, you guys do too. #sharingiscaring

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From the people who brought you Damn You Autocorrect and Parents Shouldn't Text, here is Wrong Number Texts...

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Today's WTF has been preempted by an Epic WTF.

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And since we're light on celebrity news, today, I thought I'd throw in an Epic FAIL as well.

epic fail photos - iPod FAIL
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And that's all the time I have for today. Don't forget to weigh in on Ginger's week off vs. Ginger's Orlando adventures. Have a razzle dazzle weekend and if all else fails, use "bumptious" in a sentence. Until next time then, here's something to consider next time you gotta go...

People weren’t meant to poop sitting down. Squatting instead of sitting on a toilet reduces your chances of getting hemorrhoids.

A 2003 study had participants defecate using a standard toilet seat (41-42 cm high), a lowered toilet seat (31-32 cm high), and while squatting. The results were that, regardless of toilet seat height, pooping while sitting took more time to completely empty the bowels, and required more effort to get it all out.

Further studies have indicated that all this extra pressure that we put on our colons when using a toilet is actually hurting us. In fact, the use of toilets increases our chances of developing ailments like hemorrhoids and diverticulosis (the formation of holes in the colon).

In the grand scheme of things, flush toilets are a relatively recent addition to our lives (having been invented in 1591). Though they clearly have bettered people’s livelihoods by improving overall sanitation, the fact of the matter is that the sitting position that toilets force us into result in anorectal angles (angle formed at the junction of the anus and rectum) that are less than ideal for efficient pooping. The angle is at 90 degrees while standing (keeping us from releasing at the wrong time) and only improves to 100 degrees when sitting on a toilet. While squatting the anorectal angle improves to 126 degrees, making everything flow much more easily.

Of course, as more people become obese, it becomes more of a strain to get into a squatting position and stand back up from a squatting position multiple times every day. Read more about the advantages of squatting in this Slate article.

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  1. In as much as I love to open my google reader each morning when I arrive to work and read your thought-provoking, insightful and sometimes educational nuggets of knowledge, I think it would be okay to take a week off. Especially since you are going to visit our hometown. Please greet Interstate 4 for me which I'm sure is not as bad as the 405 in Cali. Travel safely and have fun!!!

  2. I vote for vacation mode. Take the week to enjoy Mr. G, the kids and of course, Harry Potter! We'll all be here waiting for you when you get back.
    Safe travels! xoxo

  3. Have FUN! Travel safe and can't wait to hear all your adventures :)

    PS I knew that about number 2 ;)

  4. Ok, I will disagree then. You must blog each day, even if you are on a Harry Potter ride! Especially if you are on a Harry Potter ride! ;)

    Have a wonderful safe trip. Can't wait to hear about it when you return.

  5. You MUST blog about Harry Potter... or at least text me pictures of Professor Snape. *le swoon*

    Save travels and mucho grande amor. #iambilingualnow

    Laura, the artist formerly known as Spank.

  6. So, I think I need to live vicariously through you next week. I, *ahem* WE (as in me AND my kids) are so excited about the WWHP! Also, I want laser surgery. I need to know how many valium I'll need to be able to allow them to put those things in my eyes that prop them open. If you blog while on vacation or after you get back is fine by me..but I'll def need the info! ;)

    Look, I'm not saying you had anything to do with those trailers, but I'm really hoping you can come visit me we some drinks together. Yeah, that's it.

    Um, squatting would be fine if I had a better sense of balance. O_O

  7. Much as I'll miss you, I agree with general consensus on being in vacay mode...however, only on the condition that you promise lots of deets on the Harry Potter experience! I'm currently reading HP & Goblet of Fire, (bk 4) and am hoping to get finished with the whole series by the time the final film releases this summer. Our ultimate dream vacay at this point is a week in Disney World & Universal Studios and all that stuff...but we should wait til our kids are old enough to enjoy it. (He's only about 1 1/2 right now and an only child)...Have a WONDERFUL time and relax.

  8. i'm typing this blind cuz u have blinded me with that pic of leanne ...have a great visit with the family :)

  9. My vote is for vacation mode. Have a fun and safe trip and cant wait to hear about HP Land! lol

  10. Ok guys, I'm going to update my blog via an iPhone app, so I'll be able to vacation, AND share my adventures. ;) Most likely there will be a few posts each day.